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Fatima Ali

 Fatima Ali



I have completed MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan and have an undergraduate degree in the field of Accounting and Finance. I have work experience of around 3 years in Marketing and Inventory Management in the footwear and the IT industry.


Topic: Impact of Covid-19 News and Government Policies on Stock Markets around the Globe – Sector Analysis 

My research focuses on the unprecedented effects of Covid-19 on financial markets in general and stock markets in specific. The Covid-19 pandemic created high level of uncertainty, reflected in market sentiments, as a rapid transfer of money from high risk assets to low risk assets was made. This research aims to investigate the impact of the ongoing crisis, COVID-19, on the major stock markets. The research focuses on a group of countries and explores the movement of the stock markets as a reaction to the spread of COVID-19 and policy intervention. The aim is to investigate the impact at country and sector level. 


Prof Gulnur Muradoglu
Dr Deven Bathia

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