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School of Business and Management

Dyah Adi Sriwahyuni

 Dyah Adi Sriwahyuni


Project title

A study of institutional work: Creating knowledge management practices.

Project description

Within the literature, a wealth of studies in organisation have explored actor activities in creating, maintaining, and disrupting institutions. However, the exploration of the work of actors in creating new management practices at the organisational level has been somewhat limited. The extant literature has also downplayed the role of materiality in institution creation. To fill these gaps, this study aims to provide empirical evidence so as to contribute theoretically to institutional work through a case study on actors’ creation of knowledge management (KM) practices in an organisation. KM practices present a suitable practical setting with which to provide a rich understanding of the actors’ institutional work and their connection with technology. Drawing on the work of Perkmann and Spicer (2008), this study explores the forms and types of institutional work – some of which may be problematised by technology – performed by multiple organisational actors in creating KM practices. The empirical setting of this study is the Indonesian tax administration – a public sector organisation currently conducting KM adoption. The primary data collection is elite and non-elite semi-structured interviews, along with focus group discussions and document analysis for validity and triangulation.


1st Supervisor: Professor Stephen Fox
2nd Supervisor: Dr Stella Ladi


Before pursuing her PhD at School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London, Dyah is a government official in the Indonesian Directorate General of Taxes. She has been working as a public servant for about seventeen years with experience in various units ranging from taxpayer services to tax law enforcement. She has also experienced various level of positions, including general staff, tax objection reviewer, and a managerial position that enrich her hard skills and soft skills in her career life. She graduated her master degree in Accounting in Australia. She truly believes in lifelong learning that motivates her to continue her PhD study and obtain rich academic experience that help her to be more open minded and knowledgeable. Her research interest includes knowledge management, especially in the public sector and institutional theory. In her spare time, she loves cooking, gardening, and home cleaning. 

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