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School of Business and Management

Kyla Sankey


Academic Writing Tutor



The Academic Writing Tutor works closely with the Teaching Services Team and the Student Engagement Manager with particular emphasis on delivering group workshops on academic writing and the practices of good scholarship, and one-to-one student support for undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to improve their written English and their critical writing skills. The Academic Writing Tutor also supports research students who wish to undertake writing retreats or otherwise innovate their writing practices. They work in a team alongside a Student Support Officers and Quantitative Skills Tutor, referring students to these colleagues for additional support where this is necessary.

Kyla provides a range of courses and tutorials to support students at the School of Business and Management with their written academic work. She runs academic English courses for all SBM students at a range of levels, undergraduate and postgraduate, home and international and provides 1-2-1 and group tutorials for support with specific problems in students' written academic work.