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School of Business and Management

Mrs Natasha Kamalu


Resources Manager



The Resources Manager is responsible for managing and contributing to the strategic development of the School’s HR and Financial Management procedures, to ensure these core services run efficiently in a climate of recurrent change.

Natasha is responsible for developing, implementing, managing and the constant review of comprehensive processes for assuring financial probity and maintaining financial control, in order to anticipate and facilitate continued improvement in line with university Finance policies, ensuring accuracy and consistency with central policies at all times.

The Resource Manager designs, prepares and implements reporting solutions for budgets for relevant parties within the School for data analysis and forecasting, and identifies and creates new budget codes and sub-categories for the recording of expenditure to help better understand the School’s spending patterns. The Resource Manager also delivers technical advice, briefing materials, reports and recommendations to the School’s Senior Management Team on Financial and HR related matters, to aid strategic planning and support change initiatives and act as an efficient and influential member of other School/QMUL Committees as required.

Natasha organises and manages all HR activities including, recruitment, right to work checks, timesheet submission, additional payment authorisation, contract and payment queries, and end of contract processes. She advises the Executive Committee, Heads of Departments and Programme Directors on procedures to follow for the appointment, extension and termination of employee contracts. She also oversees the recruitment of Professional Services staff, including those attached to research projects, within the School, including convening recruitment panels and/or serving as panel member.

The Business Support Manager sits under the School Manager in the Executive and Operations Team. Natahsa line managers the Business Support team which include the School’s Office Coordinator, Business Support Coordinator, Events Officera and Executive Assistant.