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School of Business and Management

Dr Tara Velez


Senior Lecturer in Finance: Programme Director BSc Accounting and Management




  • Senior Lecturer in Finance
  • Programme Director BSc Accounting and Management
  • Member of the Department of Accounting and Financial Management
  • Member of the Department of Accounting and Financial Management Board
  • Mentor and Reviewer for the Teaching Recognition Programme (TRP)


Dr Tara Velez is a Senior Lecturer in Finance at Queen Mary, University of London, School of Business and Management. Tara holds a PhD and MSc in Mathematical Finance from the University of London. She has experience with several London hedge funds and is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive practical knowledge of investing in alternative investments and risk management across asset classes. Before joining Queen Mary, she was Programme Director of the MSc Finance (International Finance) programme at Westminster Business School.

Dr Velez’s interests focus on the latest developments in the fields of data science and technology applied to the financial industry. Other interests include factor investing, index creation and analysing the financial performance of real (physical) assets across various sectors, including commodities, art and real estate. Her work has been published in prestigious international journals, including the Journal of Alternative Investments and Journal of Wealth Management.



  • BUS148: Capital Markets and Securities
  • BUS201: Financial Institutions
  • BUS225: Corporate Finance and Strategy


  • Dissertation Advisor for MSc International Financial Management


Dr Velez is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).


Scholarly Contributions


Schofield, L., Zhou, X., Zhang, J., Velez, T., Petrov, G., Morrison, D. (2024). “Advancing Business and Management Students' Agency through inclusive experiential learning approaches and authentic assessment in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, paper presented at Management & Organizational Behaviour Teaching Society (MOBTS) conference, June 27-30, 2024, James Cook University, Singapore (Panel member).

Schofield, L., Zhou, X., Zhang, J., Velez, T., Petrov, G., Morrison, D. (2023). “ACEing’ learning: Enhancing student’s skills and learning through ‘learning by doing’”. School of Economics and Finance Second International Conference in Education and Scholarship. 10th of November 2023, Queen Mary University of London (Panel member). 


Pedagogic Publications

  • "Expanding the Space of Real Estate Investments to Data Centers and Shopping Complexes” (2018), Real Estate Finance, 35(1), pp.223-239 (with H.Geman)
  • “Ownership Yield and Prime Real Estate in Alpha Cities” (2016), Journal of Wealth Management, 19(3), pp. 116-130 (with H.Geman)
  • “On Rarity Premium and Ownership Yield in Art” (2015). Journal of Alternative Investments, 18(1), pp. 8-21 (with H.Geman)
  • Acknowledged in “Agricultural Finance: From Crops to Land, Water and Infrastructure” (2015), Wiley Finance, by H. Geman
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