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School of Business and Management

Szilvia Mosonyi


Lecturer in Responsible Leadership

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6743
Room Number: Room 2.34, Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus




Szilvia Mosonyi is a Lecturer in Responsible Leadership at Queen Mary University of London, School of Business and Management. Her research revolves around organization theory, professions, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Szilvia completed her PhD at The Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London, where she is still an organiser and member of ETHOS, the Centre for Responsible Enterprise. She holds an MRes from The Business School (formerly Cass), an MA in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from Nottingham University Business School (ICCSR), an MA in Sociology from the Eotvos Lorand University of Science in Hungary.

Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Szilvia spent 7 years as a CSR consultant at Deloitte in London, where she led and delivered advisory and assurance engagements to leading multinational companies across a variety of industries. This experience informs her teaching of CSR, ethics, and responsible leadership.

Szilvia is committed to impactful research and she actively participates in research projects directed towards practitioners. Such projects included a research report on culture change in the banking sector launched in the UK Parliament, and a study of the effectiveness of responsible investment for the United Nations backed Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). 



  • BUS243: Responsible Leadership



Research Interests:

In her research, Szilvia investigates macro and micro level practices in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through this setting, she aims to answer questions around the processes of contemporary professionalization and relational aspects of identity work in tensional occupations. Principal in her investigation is professional service firms and client-consultant relationships. Szilvia’s research approach is qualitative.

  • Professions / professionalization and corporate social responsibility: At macro level, Szilvia explores how CSR practitioners (in-house managers and consultants) construct a mandate for their field. She is interested in occupational change and wishes to understand the wider net of stakeholders, in which fledgling occupations are embedded and who play a critical role in their emergence. She looks to uncover ways in which traditional models of professionalization have changed in recent years.
  • Identity work and paradox: At micro level, Szilvia studies tensions CSR consultants face in their everyday work using a paradox theory lens. In particular, she investigates individual responses to these contradictions
  • Management consulting: The third aspect of Szilvia’s research is focused on the academic engagement and framing of the field of management consulting.



Peer-reviewed articles


Practitioner publications


Conference papers

  • Gond, J.-P. & Mosonyi, S., What does not kill you, makes you stronger: Striving for deliberative governance at the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment. 35th Conference of the European Group for Organization Studies (July 2020, Hamburg [online]) / The PRI Academic Week (October 2020, online)
  • Mosonyi, S., Gond, J.-P. & Empson, L. Shooting for the stars: Co-constructing a professional mandate for corporate social responsibility. 76th Annual Meeting of The Academy of Management. (August 2018, Chicago, USA) / 33rd Conference of the European Group for Organization Studies (July 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Mosonyi, S., Gond, J.-P. & Empson, L. Relational responses to paradoxical tensions in CSR consultants’ identity work. 77th Annual Meeting of The Academy of Management. (August 2019, Boston, USA) / 34th European Group for Organization Studies Colloquium (July 2018, Tallinn, Estonia) / Stockholm School of Economics / SAID Business School Conference on Professional Service Firms. (July 2017, Stockholm, Sweden).
  • Mosonyi, S. (2016) United we stand, divided we fall: Relationships between corporate responsibility and sustainability professionals. 7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility. (September 2016, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany)
  • Mosonyi, S., Gond, J-P., Empson, L. (2016) Knowledge, identity and power: Taking stock of management consulting research. 76th Annual Meeting of The Academy of Management. (August 2016, Anaheim, USA)
  • Mosonyi, S., Gond, J-P., Empson, L. (2016) 25 years of theorising: Management consultants as pretexts, contexts, service providers, practitioners and subjects. 32nd European Group for Organization Studies Colloquium (July 2016, Naples, Italy)


Invited presentations

  • The Role of Consultants in Responsible Practices: Fashion-setters or legitimisers. Conference organized by La Chaire Ethique et Gouvernement d'Entreprise (EGE) (January 2017, Dauphine University, Paris, France)

Public Engagement

In September 2016, Szilvia launched her research report on consultant-client relationships in the field of CSR as part of a successful event that welcomed over 70 practitioners at Cass Business School. Currently, she is managing a research project on the institutional history of Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and contributing to a research report for the International Labor Organization (ILO) on CSR functions’ impact on the workplace.

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