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School of Business and Management

Dr Chris McLachlan


Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management; Programme Director for BSc Business Management (Year 1)




  • Co-Director BSc Business Managmeent Year 1
  • Lecturer in Human Resource Management
  • Academic Member CIPD


Chris’ research explores the consequences of deindustrialization and organisational restructuring for affected workers and communities, along with the associated industrial relations processes. His research has focused on responsible approaches to restructuring in the UK steel industry, examining the different forms of institutional support aimed at ameliorating the negative effects for workers. This has generated insights into the experiences of displaced workers, the role of trade unions in restructuring processes and management strategies. He is currently part of a comparative international research project comparing the post-redundancy transitions of steelworkers in the UK, Sweden and Australia.

His research into restructuring processes has also involved an examination of the implications of the UK’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furloughing). This research generated insights into employers’ perceptions of the scheme, restructuring regimes and the nature of state regulation.

Chris has also been part of an international comparative project exploring the experiences of young precarious workers in the UK and Germany. This has generated insights into different conditions underpinning job insecurity and explanations for its apparent normalisation amongst young workers


Chris is the module leader for BUSM110 and BUS014 (Human Resource Management).

He is the module leader for ‘The Changing World of Work’ at QMUL’s Summer School.

Chris is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Research Interests:

Chris’ research explores the consequences of deindustrialization and organisational restructuring for affected workers and communities, along with the associated industrial relations processes. 



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Chris is open to supervising PhD students in the broad areas of employment relations, HRM and the sociology of work.

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