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Dr Georgios Kavetsos wins Innovative Teaching and Technology Award


A self-described gadget enthusiast, Dr Kavetsos has been exclusively using an Ipad in his teaching since 2015. The idea to further integrate technology into everyday life, and work, came to Dr Kavetsos whilst minute taking in a research meeting. Pen in hand, Dr Kavetsos realised he could save himself time by writing minutes straight onto his tablet, and then asked himself how he could use the device across the board.

Almost ten years later, and Dr Kavetsos has completely incorporated technology into his teaching practice. In his lecture theatres, the Ipad is used as a computer, to showcase slides, to annotate presentations during lectures, with the added benefit that any annotations are visible to those watching recorded lectures from home, to draw graphs, to direct students’ attention using a laser pointer, and much more.

This innovative approach to technology and the use of a single interface, allows Dr Kavetsos to switch easily between applications. This in turn means he can better explain complex economic topics to his students, using a variety of tools and methods. “At the end of the day, although I enjoy using the tablet, the main benefit is to students’ learning” Dr Kavetsos says.

Dr Kavetsos’ efforts have now been recognised by the Queen Mary Education Awards. Dr Kavetsos was the winner of the Innovative Teaching and Technology Award.

Nominees were full of praise for his approach to technology in his teaching:

“I have never come across an academic that uses such innovative and technology led teaching approach.”

“George delivers his teaching exclusively using a tablet connected to the lecture room's projector facilities, which is a cutting-edge approach greatly appreciated by our students.”

“George's innovative approach is highly engaging with students.”

On winning the award, Dr Kavetsos said: “A big ‘thank you’ goes to all my colleagues from the Professional Services team at the School - although I deliver the lectures, there is a lot going on in the background and the support of the Professional Services Team has been amazing over the years! And of course, I thank the Education Awards 2023 committee for the award!”



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