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School of Business and Management

Marketing, Adverting & PR Careers Event

18 February 2020

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm
Venue: Bancroft 1.13

Our fantastic alumni & professional guests will be delivering insightful engaging brief talks followed by Q&A, food and drinks! If you're applying for a marketing internship or job this year, then this event will provide useful advice and inspiration! speakers including:

  • Olivia Piepe, Founder of Juniper Communications (2009, BSc Business Management)
  • Nina Seppänen, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, My Optique Group (2011, MSc Marketing)
  • Louisa Loehrig, Marketing Manager, Qumin (2018, MSc Marketing)
  • Remmy Matthew Ddungu, Account Executive, Chapman Consulting (2018, BSc Business Management)
  • Freddie Savundra, Head of Digital, SPF Private Clients (Hired 3 x students last year)
  • Rebecca Lau, Vice President, Brand & Campaigns at BlackRock (2013, BSc Business Management)
  • Sandeep Saib, Marketing and Business Development Executive at VWV (2010, BSc Business Management)

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