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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Tahrina Haque


Community Engagement & Research Assistant

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy



I am a dedicated researcher with a passion for community engagement and public health. Currently, I serve as a community engagement research assistant with the Global Public Health team for the project 'Mapping Practices of Participation.' My journey in this field began as a research assistant with the Preventive Neurology team, contributing to The East London Parkinson’s Disease project.

My work revolves around engaging local communities, raising awareness, and fostering wellness, particularly among deprived and ethnic minority populations. I am resolute in my commitment to address health inequalities and empower marginalized communities through educational initiatives and outreach programs. 

I firmly believe that genuine progress in public health is attainable only when every community, regardless of socio-economic background or ethnicity, enjoys equitable access to essential resources and information.


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