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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Katie Myers Smith, BSc (Hons) MSc DPhil


Senior Research Fellow

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 8245


I am a chartered Health Psychologist with a track record in health behaviour change related to smoking cessation and weight management. Since 2005, I have worked in the Wolfson Institute of Population Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, QMUL. I have been involved in the development and management of the pioneering research projects undertaken at the Health and Lifestyle Unit.

My main area of research is the use of e-cigarettes as an aid to stopping smoking. I am currently leading on a large NIHR HTA study looking specifically at the intensity of support and its impact on stopping when using an e-cigarette.



Research Interests:

  • Provision of Tobacco Control Health Inequalities Pilot Programme
  • Peer-Support weight management programme to supplement brief advice in general practice for obese adults from deprived communities
  • Randomised trial of nicotine patch preloading for smoking cessation
  • Nicotine Content & Consistency of its delivery
  • E-Cigarette - Potential toxins and nicotine delivery in users
  • Smoking Cessation Service
  • Evaluation of Fresh Start Programme (Obesity)
  • Tailoring varenicline to individual needs (TVIN study)
  • Combination of NRT and varenicline to increase cessation of tobacco
  • Smoking Cessation Service
  • Complementing current pharmacological treatments for smokers with sensory replacement
  • E-Cigarette & Nicotine Inhalator on tobacco withdrawal symptoms


Please click through to see a complete list of Katie's publications.

Featured publications

Hajek, P., Phillips-Waller, A., Przulj, D., Pesola, F., Myers Smith, K., Bisal, N., Li, J., Parrott, S., Sasieni, P., Dawkins, L. and Ross, L., 2019. A randomized trial of e-cigarettes versus nicotine-replacement therapy. New England Journal of Medicine, 380(7), pp.629-637. 

Hajek, P., McRobbie, H., Myers Smith, K., Phillips, A., Cornwall, D. & Dhaji, Al-Rehan. & (2014) Increasing Varenicline dose in smokers who do not respond to the standard dosage: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Intern Med

Hajek, P., Myers Smith, K., Dhaji, Al-Rehan. & McRobbie, H. (2013) Is a combination of varenicline and nicotine patch more effective in helping smokers quit than varenicline alone? A randomised controlled trial. BMC Medicine. 11; 140. 

Myers, K., Hajek, P., Hinds. C. & McRobbie, H (2011) Can stopping smoking shortly before surgery lead to post-operative complications? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Archives of Internal Medicine. 171 (11): 983-989. 

Hajek, P., McRobbie, H. & Myers, K., Stapleton, J., & Dhanji Al-Rehan (2011) Using varenicline for four weeks prior to quitting smoking: Effects on ad-lib smoking, post-cessation withdrawal discomfort, and short-term smoking cessation rates. Archives of Internal Medicine. 171, 770-777.

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