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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Frank Rohricht


Consultant Psychiatrist Centre for Psychiatry

Telephone: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7540 4380


Started career in Psychiatry as a Community support worker in a Psychiatric Day Centre for chronic mentally ill patients in Hagen, Germany; part time psychiatric nurse assistant in acute psychiatric hospital (St. Johannes Hospital in Hagen/Germany). Training in Integrative Body psychotherapy (M. Janssen, Netherlands/ A. Addington, USA); Medical Qualification (MBBS equivalent in Germany). 
I completed my M.D. at Free University Berlin/Germany, (Doctor of Medicine by Thesis): “Body concept and body schema and their relationship with psychopathological symptoms within acute paranoid schizophrenia”. Specialist Training in Psychiatry, Neurology and Psychosomatic Medicine.
Consultant Psychiatrist, Newham Community NHS Trust / East London & the City University Mental Health NHS Trust since 1997, now East London NHS Foundation Trust. Clinical Director for Adult Mental Health in Newham 200-2013; Since 2013 Associate Medical Director Research & Innovation.

Memberships and Appointments

Member/Fellow of Royal College of Psychiatrists (FRCPsych); Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Unit for Social & Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London. Member of the German Association for Psychosomatic Medicine. Chair of the research section of German Association for Body Psychotherapy (part of European Association of Body Psychotherapy). Patron of the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK. 
2008-2011: Visiting Professor University of Hertfordshire, School of Psychology
Since 2011: Honorary Professor University of Essex, Centre for Psychonanalytic Studies, UK 
Since 2012: Honorary Professor of Psychiatry, St George's Medical School, University of Nicosia, Cyprus


Research Interests:

Research profile / main topics:

  1. Body image phenomenology and Embodiment in mental illnesses
  2. Evaluation of Body Psychotherapy for severe mental illness (chronic schizophrenia, chronic depression, somatoform disorder/Medically Unexplained Symptom Disorders) 
  3. Evaluation of other innovative treatments: e.g. Ego-Consolidation Module for psychosis; 
  4. Transcultural variety of ego-psychopathology in schizophrenia; Religiosity and Spirituality as coping and healing         mechanism 
  5. Prodromal signs and basic symptoms in first episode psychosis
  6. Recovery care models for patients with severe and chronic mental disorder 
  7. Care pathway development and technology assisted intervention for self-management and recovery care
  8. Integrative mental health care models: Group clinics, Architecture and Mental Health, etc.


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