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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Lauren Gatting


Postdoctoral Research Associate in Cancer Behavioural Science



My research interests have been focused on the acceptability of cancer screening, and supporting informed and equitable participation. My most recent work explores the acceptability of using artificial intelligence in breast screening. I completed an interdisciplinary PhD looking at equitable lung cancer screening information provision using picture narrative form, at the University of Glasgow. And, prior to this, was a research assistant in the Cancer Behaviour Research Group.


Research Interests:

Building knowledge and guidance into the assessment of acceptability of cancer screening and early detection programmes, tests and tools.
Understanding public and patient perceptions surround Artificial Intelligence.
Supporting recruitment and participation in cancer research and trials, including understanding barriers and facilitators as well as focusing on equitable and informed uptake.


1.    Gatting, L., Hanna, C., & Robb, K. (2023) Prevalence and Characteristics of Pictures in Cancer Screening Information: Content Analysis of UK Print Decision Support Materials, Health Communication, 38:8, 1601-1611, DOI: 10.1080/10410236.2021.2022869 
2.    Kotzur, M., Amiri, R., Gatting, L., Robb, K. A., Ling, J., Mooney, J. D., & Christie-de Jong, F. (2023). Adapting Participatory Workshops to a Virtual Setting: Co-Design With Muslim Women of a Faith-Based Intervention to Encourage Cancer Screening Uptake. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 22. 
3.    Kotzur, M., McCowan, C., Macdonald, S., Sally Wyke, S., Gatting, L., Campbell, C., Weller, D., Crighton, E., Steele, R., & Robb, K. (2020) Why colorectal screening fails to achieve the uptake rates of breast and cervical cancer screening: a comparative qualitative study, BMJ Quality & Safety, 29, 482-490. 
4.    Robb, K., Gatting, L., von Wagner, C., & McGregor, L. (2020) Preference for Deliberation and Perceived Usefulness of Standard- and Narrative-Style Leaflet Designs: Implications for Equitable Cancer-Screening Communication, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 54(3), 193–201, 
5.    Dodd, E., Cheston, R., Cullum, S., Jefferies, R., Ismail, S., Gatting, L., Fear, T., & Gray, R. (2016) Primary care-led dementia diagnosis services in South Gloucestershire: Themes from people and families living with dementia and health care professionals, Dementia, 15(6):1586-1604. doi:10.1177/1471301214566476 

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