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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Mia Johnson, BSc - Human Physiology

Clinical Trial Manager (BLIPA)



I graduated from University of Leeds in 2021, with a BSc degree in Human Physiology. From 2021-2023 I worked as a Junior Project Manager with the University of Oxford. Working across a portfolio of paediatric vaccine trials (with a focus on Meningitis and COVID-19). 

 I joined the Pragmatic Trials Unit as a Trial Manager in September 2023 and continue to develop my skills in trial management through the management of the BLIPA study, a multi-centre paediatric CTIMP.  


Research Interests:

During my degree I had a keen interest in the physiology and pharmacology of the cardio-respiratory system. I competed my dissertation on primary care of a congenital heart defect, for which patients usually present as neonates: “Palliative surgical repair provides better outcomes than primary repair in symptomatic neonates with Tetralogy of Fallot”.  

 After University, I followed my interest in Paediatrics and joined the Department of paediatrics at University of Oxford where I worked across vaccine trials. I am keen to continue working on Cardio-respiratory disorders in both adults and children. 

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