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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Jing Hui Law, MRes, MSc

Jing Hui

Health Data in Practice PhD Programme Student



Jing Hui is a PhD student on the Wellcome Trust-funded Health Data in Practice doctoral training programme. Her current research focuses on genetic risk perceptions surrounding type 2 diabetes in British Bangladeshis and British Pakistanis. It will be building on—and working with—data from volunteers enrolled in Genes & Health, a large-scale community-based study of British Bangladeshis and British Pakistanis in the UK, with genomic and health data on all volunteers. Jing Hui is receiving supervision from an interdisciplinary team of experts in:

Jing Hui comes from an interdisciplinary background in health psychology and social sciences. Before joining this doctoral training programme, she completed her MSc in Health Psychology at University College London, where she was involved in various projects on behavioural science and health. Prior to that, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences from Monash University—where she studied Psychology, Literature, Film and Media. 



For a list of Jing Hui's publications, please click here

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