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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Jamie Ross , BSc (Hons), PhD, FHEA


Senior Lecturer in Primary Care Sciences

Room Number: Room G16 Yvonne Carter Building 58 Turner Street London E1 2AB


I joined the Centre for Primary Care in September 2022 as a Senior Lecturer in Primary Care Sciences. Prior to this I was at the Department of Primary Care and Population Health at University College London, within the E-health unit.


My research draws on different disciplines including implementation science and health psychology and is encompassed by the following themes:


  • The development of complex interventions and digital health for the delivery of healthcare
  • The implementation of complex interventions and digital health within routine clinical practice
  • Self-management and prevention of long-term conditions, especially through the use of digital health
  • Health inequalities and issues of ‘digital exclusion’
  • Patient and public involvement in medical research and education
  • The use of mixed methods in medical research


I currently hold funding from the NIHR School for Primary Care Research to explore the long-term outcomes following a pregnancy with gestational diabetes. I am also Co-investigator on a large NIHR Health and Social Care Delivery Research programme grant evaluating the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP).


I've previously been awarded research funding and a post-doctoral fellowship from the NIHR School of Primary Care Research to explore low rates of participation in diabetes structured education.


My teaching roles have included module lead for the Qualitative Research Methods in Health MSc course and co-lead for the iBSc digital health module at UCL.


I supervise PhD, MSc and undergraduate students undertaking related research, for example, exploring the role of health professional input in patient engagement with digital health interventions, assessing the acceptability of digital health interventions for people with prediabetes and exploring remote consulting for people with type 2 diabetes during COVID-19.


I hold honorary positions as Senior Research Fellow with the University of Manchester and University College London.


Research Interests:

My research interests include the development and implementation of health interventions, especially digital health interventions within routine practice.


My research draws on different disciplines including implementation science and health psychology and uses mixed methods to address questions such as: How can interventions best be implemented in practice? What factors impact patient decisions to take up and engage with interventions? How are interventions taken up and used in practice? How can participation in interventions be optimised?


Much of my work is in the context of type 2 diabetes management and prevention, but I have applied my expertise to a wide range of areas including cardiovascular disease, dementia, mental health, epilepsy, obesity and inpatient violence and aggression.


I am currently Co-Investigator and work package lead on a large NIHR funded programme grant held by the University of Manchester (The DIPLOMA Research Programme) which is an evaluation of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. My work explores patient decision making and engagement with the NHS digital diabetes prevention program using mixed methods.


I also co-lead a workstream of an NIHR School for Primary Care Research funded project (ELOPE-GDM) which is exploring women's experiences of gestational diabetes using qualitative research methods. This project is a collaboration between QMUL, UCL, Oxford University and Nottingham University.


My previous work has included co-developing a web-based self-management programme for type 2 diabetes (Healthy living for people with Type 2 Diabetes (HeLP-Diabetes)) and leading the implementation of this intervention within routine primary care. The development and testing of this intervention was funded by the NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research, and following this, the intervention has been widely implemented in routine NHS care (now called Healthy Living). This represents one of the first examples of a nationally implemented digital health intervention anywhere internationally.


Following my work on HeLP-Diabetes I was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship and further research funding from the NIHR School of Primary Care Research to explore low rates of participation in diabetes structured education.



Rebecca Jaya Sudhir ““Exploring and evaluating the role of healthcare teams in facilitating patient uptake and engagement with digital health interventions” Self-funded


Iris van der Scheer ‘Discussion of mental health concerns, related to depression, anxiety and stress, in GP interactions: a qualitative study’ Funded by the NIHR ARC North Thames


Christian Moretti Anfossi “Development of an evidence-based tool kit of worksite interventions to reduce risks for cardiovascular diseases” Funded by the National Research and Development Agency of Chile (ANID)

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