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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Isabel Valero-Morales

PhD Student

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy



I am a PhD student at the Research & Action on Salty & Obesity Unit with the Centre for Publich Health and Policy. I am currently working on a proposal for a pilot salt reformulation programme for Mexico.

I am also Research Assistant at the National Institute of Public Health, Mexico. As Community Manager of the Center for Nutrition and Health, I have experience in social media performance analysis (e.g. hashtags, reach, impressions, engagement) and coordination of digital health promotion campaigns. I participated in monitoring how digital marketing appealed to Mexican children and adolescents in social media.

Previously, I obtained a Bachelor’s degree on Science and Nutrition from the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


Research Interests:

  • Salt reformulation
  • Digital marketing of food and beverages
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