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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Iona Hindes, BA (Hons) MSc


PhD Student

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy



I began my studies at Durham University where I studied Anthropology in my undergraduate degree. It was here that I first learned about medical anthropology and that I developed skills in qualitative research methods and analysis. In 2020 I began my master's degree in Population Health at University College London (UCL) where I developed my skills in statistical analysis of health data and learned key concepts in epidemiology, population health and global health.  While at UCL I became interested in the impact of lockdowns on preterm birth and applied for the NIHR SPCR doctoral studentship. I was awarded the studentship and have now begun my doctoral research on the impact of lockdowns on maternal and perinatal health outcomes at Queen Mary University London.


Research Interests:

  • Mixed Methods research
  • Maternal and perinatal health
  • Social determinants of health
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