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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Eleanor Groves, Dr, PhD, CILT


Health Data in Practice Programme and Researcher Development Manager



As Programme Manager, I form part of the management team and am responsible for supporting the directors and students on the Wellcome Trust 4 year ‘Health Data in Practice’ PhD Programme. My duties include managing the skills development ‘Enrichment programme’ the students undertake alongside their PhD research; providing teaching and administrative support for the MRes in Health Data in Practice; managing the annual recruitment process; acting as a point of contact and other administrative duties.

I have worked at Queen Mary since 2016, joining first as a Researcher Development Advisor for the Life Sciences Initiative. Prior to that, I worked for 7 years as a Grants Advisor at the Wellcome Trust in the Infection and Immunobiology team. I undertook a PhD and period of postdoctoral research before moving into a career of scientific funding and support. My PhD research, at Imperial College London, involved investigating the pathogenic mechanisms of the bacterium Yersinia.



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