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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Aida Hassan

PhD Student

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy



I started my PhD in the Global Public Health Unit in September 2021, shortly after completing my MRes in Global Health and Policy. My research is situated in the global politics of health from an interdisciplinary lens, integrating insights and theories from international relations and political sociology. I’m particularly interested in understanding the primacy of nation states in global governance and their role in ensuring (or contesting) the health of their populations during war and armed conflict.

Before my PhD, I worked as a researcher for a third sector organisation (REFEO) exploring the impact of the Hostile Environment on refugees, particularly their rights to education and employment. 


Research Interests:

  • Global governance
  • Health-security nexus
  • Globalisation and sovereignty
  • Postcolonialism
  • Critical social theories
  • Political determinants of health

PhD project: ‘Global health governance and the limits of state-centrism in contemporary conflicts’ (funded by ESRC, 1+3 LISS DTP studentship)

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