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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

SPCR Postdoctoral Fellowship

These awards cover a 24 months fellowship period. Applicants must have a strong academic record and want to develop in their careers in primary care research. The fellowship offers scope for career progression by providing the opportunity to: design an independent research project, conduct the research, analyse data, publish the results and prepare for grant applications to secure future funding. Allied health professional staff are encouraged to apply.

Training opportunities will be provided to successful candidates including:

  • Online masterclasses
  • Two annual two day training events
  • Networking opportunities with early career and senior researchers in Primary Care.

QMUL Support

At QMUL we have support in place to help early-career researchers in preparing their Fellowship applications. This includes your PI (if not the applicant) and co-applicants, and academic reviewers can assess you first draft of the application and provide feedback. Some previously successfully fellowship staff are willing to review your application. QMUL can support applicants in thinking about how to embed patient and public involvement (PPI) in their application.

Get in touch with Juliet Henderson for further help. 



The fellowship is for early career post-doctoral positions and these awards are often awarded to people who have received their PhD in the last 3 years. Applications may however be researchers who have transitioned into applied health research from a different disciplinary background or are returning from a career break.

Applicants do not have to be employed by a SPCR research organisation to apply.

It is possible to work at 60% part time during this fellowship particularly if the candidate wishes to continue with their clinical/professional work.

All applicants must ensure their proposed research project is compatible with NIHR remit.


Awardees will usually receive a salary in the range of £33-38k and this will depend on previous experience. The rate for Fellowships commencing in 2022 is £145k based on an approximate salary of £37k pa for 2 years, full time and Employers National Insurance and Pension contributions and an overhead for the University. The fellowship covers salaries and some research costs but not all research costs (these need to be partly covered by other awards or funders).

SPCR Primary Care Clinicians Career Progression Fellowship - Wolfson Institute of Population Health

QMUL welcomes Expression of Interest in the following research areas:

  • Cardiovascular disease and inequalities in health service provision and the Discovery integrated data programme across London. Contact: Prof Chris Griffiths or Prof John Robson 
  • Economic Evaluation of healthcare interventions and pathways, decision analytic modelling, efficiency and equity Contact: Prof Borislava Mihaylova 
  • Health Related Quality of Life Research, Evaluation of the implementation of health policy and medical intervention, Incentive design for healthcare providers. Contact: Dr Yan Feng  


Pleaee click through to the SPCR webpages for the application form and more detailed guidance on applying 


Internal Selection

25th March 2022 Deadline for QMUL completed applications to be sent to Juliet Henderson

Candidates will be informed if they have been successful in the first round of internal selection by 31st March 2022. If successful, a development period will follow with support from QMUL.

8th April 2022 QMUL will inform candidates if their developed application is felt to be competitive and is approved for external submission to the SPCR.

External Application 

25th April 2022 Deadline for QMUL completed applications to be externally submitted to SPCR. Email to Keele university and include PCCCP Fellowship 2022 as the subject line on correspondence.

Any questions on the external application procedure, please contact the SPCR team via

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