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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Professor Rohini Mathur

Professor and Chair of Health Data Science



I am an epidemiologist specializing in the application of precision medicine approaches in globally diverse datasets to address health inequalities, particularly around cardiometabolic disease. I was previously Associate Professor at LSHTM, where I completed a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Wellcome Trust examining ethnic inequalities in the care and outcomes of type 2 diabetes, and a member of the OpenSAFELY collaborative working on a range of COVID-19 related projects.

At QMUL, I work in the Clinical Effectiveness Group as part of the Precision Medicine Part 2 program funded by Barts Charity. I am a member of the Genes & Health Executive, where I lead a workstream on developing phenotypes in electronic health record datasets linked to the G&H cohort, and work collaboratively across the WIPH centres on a range of projects focussed on health inequalities.

External engagement and enterprise as relevant:

Member of Diabetes UK Research Steering Groups

Chair of the Membership Committee for the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology

Member of the South Asian Health Foundation


Research Interests:

I am interested in the application of causal approaches, observational epidemiology, and pharmacoepidemiology using large-scale routine electronic health data to inform best clinical practice, guidelines, and policy.


  • Binur Orazumbekova, Wellcome Trust, Ethnic variations in risk trajectories for type 2 diabetes: an observational research study combining genetic, cohort, and electronic health record data in the UK
  • Elizabeth Remfry, Wellcome Trust, Using artificial intelligence to examine the trajectories of multiple long-term conditions through the lens of inequalities
  • Sam Hodgson, Wellcome Trust, Understanding physical/mental health multimorbidity in underrepresented populations
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