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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Clinical Effectiveness Group


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UNIT LEAD John Robson

The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) uses primary care health data for research, with a focus on reducing health inequalities and improving population health. Our academics, primary care clinicians, health data scientists, analysts and primary care facilitators turn knowledge into action which improves clinical care. Our work involves interdisciplinary teams, and includes the perspectives of patients, and health care professionals, and values team science. We are founding partners of the Discovery Data Service, which integrates data from GPs, hospitals, and community settings in near real-time.

Our research is supported by major funders, including Barts Charity programme grants: ‘REAL Health - Research Enabled Learning Health Systems’ and ‘Precision Medicine’. These use health data for research to improve equitable disease prevention and treatment.  We lead the Wellcome Trust PhD in science programme ‘Health Data in Practice’ and are members of the NIHR School of Primary Care Research. We lead the Wolfson Institute Digital and Health Data Science theme. More information about our work is available here

  • CEG brings research and NHS partners together, builds capacity in health data science through national and local collaborations, and develops future leaders through doctoral and other postgraduate training.

  • Wellcome Trust Health Data in Practice Our doctoral training programme applies human-centred data research to health and care data, drawing on concepts, disciplines and methods underpinning qualitative and quantitative evaluation and decision-making in real-world settings.

  • Health data informatics and tools Our dashboards visualise health data from across the North East London Integrated Care System – covering 2.2 million patients - informing our research and providing valuable insight for NHS primary care commissioners and the region’s eight local authorities. Our data-driven searches, smart templates and pop-up alerts are used by 272 GP practices to improve direct patient care and make it easier to implement new programmes and meet targets.

  • Innovative data linkage We develop algorithms and innovative methods to link primary care data to other sources – including genetic research, the national cancer registries, geospatial information and school records on height and weight – to build a deeper understanding of population health.

  • Precision Medicine A major new research programme in collaboration with Barts Cancer Institute to use electronic patient records and linked information, derived from disease registers, tissue samples and imaging, to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of long-term conditions including cancers.

  • Reducing delay and inequalities in childhood immunisations We are researching inequalities in immunisation uptake, using geospatial data to map hotspots of infection susceptibility, and developing in-practice software that uses electronic health records to identify children, efficiently and equitably, for routine vaccinations.

  • Improving cardiovascular, respiratory and child health through research analyses of linked electronic health records and innovative decision support tools for GP practices across North East London.


Zaheer Ahmed
Informatics Lead

Fahmida Akthar
Communications and Administration Assistant

Karishma Bhuruth
Clinical Facilitator

Anna Billington
Science and Impact Communications Manager

Dr Kambiz Boomla
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Thomas Bradshaw
Data Analysis Assistant

Jayne Callaghan
Senior Primary Care Facilitator

Dr Chris Carvalho
GP, NIHR Fellow, CEG Clinical Lead 

Dr Jim Cole
GP, Honorary Clinical Research Associate, CEG Clinical Lead

Billie-Jo Corfield
Primary Care Support Officer 

Dr Anna De Simoni
GP, Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care

Professor Carol Dezateux
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Data Science, CEG Clinical Lead

Isabel Dostal
Research Assistant

Shirley Dryden 

Nicola Firman
Health Data Scientist, REAL Child Health

Lacey Fitzgerald
Primary Care Support Officer

Tracey Gibbons
Primary Care Support Officer

Dr Mina Goyal
GP, CEG Clinical Lead

Dr Eleanor Groves
Research Developer and PhD Programme Manager

Ana Gutierrez
Senior Primary Care Facilitator - Childhood Immunisation Lead

Dr Gill Harper
UKRI Rutherford Postdoctoral Research Fellow, REAL Child Health

Meredith Hawking
ESRC LISS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, REAL Child Health

Kate Homer
Senior Health Data Scientist

Dr Sally Hull
Honorary Clinical Reader in Primary Care Development

Pritt Kallah
Primary Care Facilitator

Josephine Law
Primary Care Facilitator

Rumana Malik 
Data Analysis Assistant

Dr Milena Marszalek
GP, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow, REAL Child Health

Rohini Mathur
Honorary Research Fellow

Ranjan Patel
Primary Care Facilitator

Keith Prescott

Dr Stuart Rison
GP, Clinical Research Fellow, REAL Health CVD

Luis Rivas
Primary Care Facilitator

Dr John Robson
Clinical Reader in Primary Care Research and Development, CEG Clinical Lead

Martin Sharp 
Data Analyst 

Kelvin Smith 
Senior Data Analyst

Jo Tissier
Senior Primary Care Facilitator

Kalpona Uddin
Data Analysis Assistant

Marta Wilk
PhD student, REAL Child Health

Fae Wilkins
Primary Care Facilitator 

Crystal Williams
Senior Data Analyst

Charlotte Yeo
Primary Care Support Administrator



CEG administration: Shirley Dryden

Primary care support enquiries: Charlotte Yeo

Primary care web resources and dashboards: Fahmida Akthar

Health Data in Practice PhD: Eleanor Groves

We are based in in the Abernethy Building, Whitechapel Campus. Our postal address is Yvonne Carter Building, 58 Turner Street, London E1 2AB


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