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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Vivek Mehta


Consultant in Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation, Honorary Reader



Dr. Mehta is currently the Clinical Network Director of Pain Services Barts Health NHS Trust, a combination of several hospitals and community care services in London, one of the largest institutions in the UK. He also heads the Academic Pain Medicine division of the Trust and is Honorary Reader at William Harvey Institute and Queen Mary University, London. He has been awarded the Bronze award by National Clinical Excellence Awards committee in 2021 a public acknowledgment of his professional expertise and sustained and dedicated contribution to the NHS over and above his contractual requirements. Dr. Mehta has been appointed as the Vice Chair of the Examinations Board at the  Fellowship of Pain Medicine (FFPM), Royal College of Anaesthesia (RCOA). He has been elected Treasurer of NSUKI (Neuromodulation Society of UK and Ireland). He has been involved in supporting and drafting commissioning policies for neuromodulation by NHS England, particularly for headache services. He is an eminent speaker and has lectured at over 200 clinical and academic meetings. He has published extensively in the field of pain. His work on functional and restorative neurostimulation has been recognised by the international neuromodulation society and received one of the top 5 research in World Congress for 2017. His multicentre three-year outcome data on multifidus stimulation was one of the top 5 research in the UK for the year 2022.


Group members

Dr Kavita Poply, Dr Theresa Wodehouse, Dr Saowarat Snidvongs, Dr Gaurav Bajaj, Dr Jayne Gallagher, Dr Kristin Ullrich, Dr Serge Nikolic, Mr Habib Ellamushi

Chief Investigator (Current grants 2023) for the following:

  1. HIDENS study gov NCT03716973; Investigator Grant £226,719, Medtronic
  2. Reactivate B study Clinical NCT02577354: Investigator Grant £109,000MainstayTop recruiter in Europe.
  3. DEFY-PET study: NCT03716557.Investigator Grant £167,000. Boston Scientific
  4. PILOW Wave-writer:gov NCT03818074 Investigator Grant £188,000. Boston Scientific
  5. Multifidus PET study:gov NCT04327817 Investigator Grant £298,000 Mainstay
  6. RELIEF global outcome studyInvestigator Grant £80,000 Boston Scientific
  7. CHRONOS study: Investigator Grant £350,000 Boston Scientific
  8. Clinical Outcomes in Neuromod Investigator Grant £250,000 Medtronic
  9. HIDENS Health Economic Outcome Investigator Grant £90,000 Medtronic

Key Publications

  • Desai MJ, Salmon J, Verrills P, Mitchell B, Du Toit N, Bates D, Vajramani G, Williams A, Love-Jones S, Patel N, Nikolic S, Mehta V, Ahmad A, Yu J, Christellis N, Harkin S, Baranidharan G, Levy R, Staats P, Malinowski MN, Makous J, Sullivan N, Kottalgi S, Hartley M, Mishra LN. A Novel Pulsed Stimulation Pattern in Spinal Cord Stimulation: Clinical Results and Postulated Mechanisms of Action in the Treatment of Chronic Low Back and Leg Pain. Neuromodulation. 2022 Dec 8: S1094-7159(22)01351-4. doi: 10.1016/j.neurom.2022.10.053. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36503999.
  • Poply K, Haroon A, Ganeshan B, Nikolic S, Sharma S, Ahmad A, Ellamushi H, Parsai A, Mehta V. Dynamic Brain Imaging Response to Spinal Cord Stimulation Differential Frequencies DiFY SCS-PET clinical trial. Neuromodulation. 2022 Sep 20:S1094-7159(22)00773-5. doi: 10.1016/j.neurom.2022.07.012. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36151010.
  • Christopher Gilligan, Willem Volschenk, Marc Russo, Matthew Green, Christopher Gilmore, Vivek Mehta, Kristiaan Deckers, Kris De Smedt, Usman Latif, Peter Georgius, Jonathan Gentile, Bruce Mitchell, Meredith Langhorst, Frank Huygen, Ganesan Baranidharan, Vikas Patel, Eugene Mironer, Edgar Ross, Alexios Carayannopoulos, Salim Hayek, Ashish Gulve, Jean-Pierre Van Buyten, Antoine Tohmeh, Jeffrey Fischgrund, Shivanand Lad, Farshad Ahadian, Timothy Deer, William Klemme, Richard Rauck, James Rathmell, Greg Maislin, Jan Pieter Heemels, Sam Eldabe, Long-Term Outcomes of Restorative Neurostimulation in Patients With Refractory Chronic Low Back Pain Secondary to Multifidus Dysfunction: Two-Year Results of the ReActiv8-B Pivotal Trial, Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface, 2022, ISSN 1094-7159
  • Mehta V, Poply K, Ahmad A, Lascelles J, Elyas A, Sharma S, Ganeshan B, Ellamushi H, Nikolic S. Effectiveness of high dose spinal cord stimulation for non-surgical intractable lumbar radiculopathy - HIDENS Study. Pain Pract. 2021 Oct 24. doi: 10.1111/papr.13087. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34689409
  • Bourke JH, Wodehouse T, Clark LV, Constantinou E, Kidd BL, Langford R, Mehta V, White PD. Central sensitisation in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia; a case control study. J Psychosom Res. 2021 Nov;150:110624. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychores.2021.110624. Epub 2021 Sep 21
  • Gilligan C, Volschenk W, Russo M, Green M, Gilmore C, Mehta V, Deckers K, De Smedt K, Latif U, Georgius P, Gentile J, Mitchell B, Langhorst M, Huygen F, Baranidharan G, Patel V, Mironer E, Ross E, Carayannopoulos A, Hayek S, Gulve A, Van Buyten JP, Tohmeh A, Fischgrund J, Lad S, Ahadian F, Deer T, Klemme W, Rauck R, Rathmell J, Levy R, Heemels JP, Eldabe S; ReActiv8-B investigators. An implantable restorative-neurostimulator for refractory mechanical chronic low back pain: a randomized sham-controlled clinical trial. Pain. 2021 Oct 1;162(10):2486-2498. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000002258. PMID: 34534176; PMCID: PMC8442741
  • Kallewaard JW, Paz-Solis JF, De Negri P, Canós-Verdecho MA, Belaid H, Thomson SJ, Abejón D, Vesper J, Mehta V, Rigoard P, Maino P, Love-Jones S, Peña IF, Bayerl S, Perruchoud C, Bougeard R, Mertz C, Pei Y, Jain R. Real-World Outcomes Using a Spinal Cord Stimulation Device Capable of Combination Therapy for Chronic Pain: A European, Multicenter Experience. J Clin Med. 2021 Sep 10;10(18):4085. doi: 10.3390/jcm10184085. PMID: 34575196; PMCID: PMC8466217
  • Mitchell B, Deckers K, De Smedt K, Russo M, Georgius P, Green M, Gulve A, van Buyten JP, Smet I, Mehta V, Baranidharan G, Rathmell J, Gilligan C, Goss B, Eldabe S. Durability of the Therapeutic Effect of Restorative Neurostimulation for Refractory Chronic Low Back Pain. Neuromodulation. 2021
  • Baranidharan G, Bretherton B, Eldabe S, Mehta V, Thomson S, Sharma ML, Vajramani G, Bojanic S, Gulve A, FitzGerald J, Hall S, Firth J. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients awaiting spinal cord stimulation surgery in the United Kingdom: a multi-centre patient survey. Br J Pain. 2020 Aug 21:2049463720948092. doi: 10.1177/2049463720948092. PMCID: PMC7443576.
  • Wodehouse T, Bahra A, Mehta V. Changes in peripheral and central sensitization in patients undergoing occipital nerve stimulation. Br J Pain 2020
  • Ashkan K, Sokratous G, Göbel H, Mehta V, Gendolla A, Dowson A, Wodehouse T, Heinze A, Gaul C. Peripheral nerve stimulation registry for intractable migraine headache (RELIEF): a real-life perspective on the utility of occipital nerve stimulation for chronic migraine. Acta Neurochir (Wien). 2020 Dec;162(12):3201-3211. doi: 10.1007/s00701-020-04372-z. Epub 2020 May 6. PMID: 32377948.
  • Mehta V, Bouchareb Y, Ramaswamy S, Ahmad A, Wodehouse T, Haroon A. Metabolic imaging of Pain matrix Using 18F Fluoro-deoxyglucose (FDG) PET/CT for Patients Undergoing L2 Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation for Low Back Pain. Neuromodulation. 2020; 23 (2): 222-233
  • Sam Eldabe, Anisah Tariq, Sherdil Nath, Ashish Gulve, Hugh Antrobus, Mohjir Baloch, Piotr Buczkowski, Neil Collighan, Tacson Fernandez, Ann-Katrin Fritz, Stephen Humble, Frank Huygen, Murali Krishnan, Vivek Mehta, Sailesh Mishra, Sundar Muthukrishnan, Saz Snidvongs, Rokas Tamosauskas, Martin Underwood. Best practice in radiofrequency denervation of the lumbar facet joints: a consensus technique. British Journal of Pain, 2019
  • Wodehouse T, Demopoulos M, Petty R, Miraki-Moud F, Belhaj A, Husband M, Fulton L, Randive N, Oksche A, Mehta V, Gribben J, Langford R. A randomized pilot study to investigate the effect of opioids on immunomarkers using gene expression profiling during surgery. Pain 2019; 160 (12): 2691-2698
  • Ramaswamy S, Wodehouse T, Langford RM, Thomson S, Taylor R, Mehta V. Characterizing the somatosensory profile of patients with failed back surgery syndrome with unilateral lumbar radiculopathy undergoing spinal cord stimulation: A single centre prospective pilot study. Neuromodulation 2019 Apr;22(3):333-340.


NIHR, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Mainstay Medical, Abbotts, Nevro, Pfizer, Teva, North American Neuromodulation Society, American Society of Pain & Neuromodulation, World Institute of Pain


Prof Philippe Rigoard, France
Lawrence Poree USA
Marc Russo Australia
Chris Gilligan USA
Prof Paresh Doshi Preeti Doshi
Prof Babita Ghai
Ganesan Baranidharan
Prof James Fitzgerald
Stana Bojainic
Prof Sam Eldabe
Jan willem Kallewaard
Prof Frank Huygen
Ashish Gulve
Alaa Abd-Elsayed  
Salim Hayek
Prof Ahmed Raslan 

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