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NIHR Barts BRC and CRF MSK programme celebrates EULAR Centre of Excellence Award

The NIHR Barts Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and NIHR Barts Clinical Research Facility (CRF) marked a key moment on Tuesday November 7th at the Graduate Centre, Mile End Campus, as they celebrated the inclusion of Musculoskeletal (MSK) research into the BRC programme and recognised the newly awarded EULAR Centre of Excellence status.


The occasion showcased the collaborative efforts of the NIHR Barts BRC and CRF, underlining their commitment to advancing MSK research and care.

The celebration included talks by Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, Vice Principal for Health at Queen Mary University of London, presentations from researchers within the NIHR Barts BRC MSK research theme and the CRF, as well as the unveiling of the EULAR Centre of Excellence Plaque.

Professor Sir Mark Caulfield expressed gratitude for the integral role played by both Barts Health and Queen Mary in the development and success of the partnership, emphasizing the collective achievements of the group. He also delved into the fundamental philosophy of the BRC, highlighting its focus on translation research with transformative impact.

He said: “We’re seeking to integrate the strengths of our underserved but also underrepresented in research communities with Federated Bioresources integrated, multi-omic multimodal data (health data) that has been gathered by Barts Health under Barts Life Sciences.

“Precision Healthcare is the focus, and data will be in a trusted research environment enabling advanced analytics and actionable findings for the population that will transform treatment and diagnosis. And as a result, generate economic growth.”

The programme included:

  • Professor Sir Mark Caulfield - The NIHR Barts BRC vision: towards reducing health inequalities in East London and globally.
  • Dr Stephen Kelly (Rheumatology lead – Barts Health NHS Trust) - The Rheumatology Department vision for research.
  • Prof Rupert Pearse - The research vision from the Trust and The NIHR Barts Clinical Research Facility (CRF).
  • The NIHR Barts BRC MSK Theme Research Programme - Presentations by Professor Costantino Pitzalis, Dr Felice Rivellese, Professor Michele Bombardieri, Professor Myles Lewis, Professor Xavier Griffin, Professor Francesco Dell’Accio, Professor Karin Hing, Professor Shafaq Sikandar, and Professor Jesmond Dalli.

    The event concluded with the unveiling of the EULAR Centre of Excellence Plaque, symbolizing the culmination of years of dedication, collaboration, and achievement in the field of Musculoskeletal research and care. 



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