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The William Harvey Research Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

WHRI researchers identify link between immunity and 'holidays'

A team of researchers at the WHRI are investigating ways in which holidays, music or a change of environment can bolster our immune systems in the fight against disease


Led by Professor Fulvio D'Acquisto, the team discovered that creating a more stimulating living environment for mice had an effect on their T-cells, therefore improving their ability to fight off infections.

He said "This effect is remarkable because we haven't given them any drugs. All we've done is change their housing conditions.

"You could say that we've just put them in their equivalent of a holiday resort for two weeks and let them enjoy their new and stimulating surroundings." 

According to Prof D'Acquisto, the research shows a link between emotional response and immune response. This has led for the same approach to be tested on humans.  



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