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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Research at CTP

The Centre for Theoretical Physics (CTP) has a tradition of pioneering work in quantum field theory and string theory.

We conduct fundamental research across theoretical physics, and our current interests include

  • Structure of scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory (QFT) and string theory
  • Dualities in QFT and string / M-theory
  • Applications of scattering amplitudes to gravitational physics
  • Structures and (hidden) symmetries of supersymmetric and superconformal QFT
  • Black holes in (super)gravity and string theory
  • Relations between QFT and quantum gravity
  • Topological aspects of QFT, combinatorics, correlators, and quantum computation
  • Quantum chromodynamics and collider physics
  • Machine learning and physics
  • Applications of matrix/tensor models
  • The black hole information paradox

Some of our interests have overlap with those of the School of Mathematical Sciences at QMUL and those of the Condensed Matter, Particle Physics, and Astronomy groups in the SPA.

For more details on specific research interests, click on one of the names of our fifteen academic members of staff:

An up-to-date publication list of recent papers from our group can be found on hep INSPIRE. 

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