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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Previous PhD students

PhD graduates from the CTP


Sam Wikeley (PhD 2023: New Structures in Gauge Theory and Gravity) Publications
Sam accepted a postdoctoral research position in Theoretical Physics at Uppsala University.

Enrico Andriolo (PhD 2023: Aspects of (Super)Conformal Field Theories in Even Dimensions) Publications
Enrico accepted a postdoctoral research position at Durham University.

David Peinador Veiga (PhD 2022: Classical Black Holes from Scattering Amplitudes and the Double Copy) Publications
David accepted a Data Scientist position at Faculty AI.

Manuel Accettulli Huber (PhD 2022: On-shell techniques for Effective Field Theories) Publications
Manuel accepted a Quantitative Developer position at Credit Suisse, Zurich.

Stefano De Angelis (PhD 2022: Scattering Amplitudes and Form Factors in Effective Field Theories) Publications
Stefano accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA Saclay.

Rajath Radhakrishnan (PhD 2022: Algebraic Structure of Topological and Conformal Field Theories) Publications
Rajath accepted a postdoctoral research position at ICTP, Trieste.

Gergely Kántor (PhD 2022: Exact and Numerical Methods in (Super)Conformal Field Theories)  Publications
Gergely accepted a Research Data Scientist position with Dunnhumby.

Shun-Qing Zhang (PhD 2022: Scattering Amplitudes from Rational Maps and Correlators in AdS/CFT) Publications
Shun-Qing accepted a postdoctoral research position at MPI, Munich.

Linfeng Li (PhD 2021: Index relations and fusion rules: Explorations of Supersymmetric, Conformal, and Topological Field Theories) Publications
Linfeng accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study.

Marcel R. R. Hughes (PhD 2021: Insights into Black Hole Microstates from AdS3 Holography)  Publications
Marcel accepted a postdoctoral research position at Ohio State University. 

Nadia Bahjat-Abbas (PhD 2021: A tale of two studies: threshold radiation in QCD, and the classical double copy)  Publications
Nadia accepted a Quantitative Analyst position at Santander

Ricardo Stark-Muchão (PhD 2021: Worldsheet Models and the Scattering Equations From Strings to Quantum Field Theory and back) Publications
Ricardo accepted a Risk Automation Developer position at LCH, London Stock Exchange Group.

Zoltan Laczko (PhD 2020: Argyres-Douglas Theories and Chiral Algebras [PDF 1,002KB]Publications
Zoltan accepted a quantitative analyst position at Man AHL.

Arnau Koemans Collado (PhD 2020: The Eikonal Approximation and the Gravitational Dynamics of Binary SystemsPublications
Arnau accepted a position at Capula Investment Management.

Nejc Ceplak (PhD 2020: Black holes in holography: Structure and effectsPublications
Nejc accepted a postdoctoral position in Saclay, Paris.

Joseph Aaron Hayling (PhD 2020: Non-perturbative Techniques in Quantum Field TheoryPublications
Joseph went on to work as a quantitative analyst at HSBC.

Christopher Harry Lewis-Brown (PhD 2020: Half and quarter BPS operators in N=4 super Yang-MillsPublications
Christopher accepted a maths / physics teaching position at Reading School.

Ray Otsuki  (PhD 2020: Exotic Aspects of Extended Field TheoriesPublications

Rodolfo Panerai (PhD 2019: Hidden Structures in Super Form FactorsPublications
Rodolfo accepted a postdoctoral position at Uppsala University.

Martyna Jones (née KostaciƄska) (PhD 2018: Form factors and scattering amplitudes in supersymmetric gauge theoriesPublications
Martyna went on to work as a Digital Solutions Consultant at Newton Europe.

Emanuele Moscato (PhD 2017: Black Hole Microstates and Holography in the D1D5 CFTPublications
Emanuele accepted a Data Scientist position at ASI Data Science.   

Edward Hughes (PhD 2017: CHY Formulae and Soft Theorems in N=4 Super Yang-Mills TheoryPublications
Ed accepted a position as a research Engineer at DeepMind Technologies.   

Zac Kenton (PhD 2017: Inflation: Connecting Theory with ObservablesPublications
Zac accepted a Data Scientist position at ASI Data Science.   

Felix Rudolph (PhD 2016: Duality-Covariant Solutions in Extended Field TheoriesPublications
Felix accepted a postdoc position at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich.   

Paolo Mattioli (PhD 2016: Counting and Correlators in Quiver Gauge TheoriesPublications 
Paolo went on to work for Barclays Bank.

Brenda Penante (PhD 2016: On-shell methods for off-shell quantities in N=4 Super Yang-Mills: from scattering amplitudes to form factors and the dilatation operatorPublications
Brenda accepted a fellowship at CERN.   

James McGrane (PhD 2015: Four Dimensional Superconformal Field Theories from String TheoryPublications
James went on to work as a Quantitative Researcher for Marshall Wace Asset Management in London.  

Joel Berkeley (PhD 2015: Solution-generating transformations in duality-invariant theories and the fluid/gravity correspondencePublications

David Garner (PhD 2015: Combinatorics and gauge-string dualityPublications
David took a job at market research company Mintel.  

Robert Mooney (PhD 2014: On Observables in Supersymmetric Gauge TheoriesPublications

Sam Playle (PhD 2014: Gauge theory effective actions from open stringsPublications
Sam accepted a postdoc position at the university of Turin, Italy.  

Omer Gurdogan (PhD 2014: Form Factors in Superconformal Theories in Four and Three DimensionsPublications
Omer went to do a postdoc at the CNRS, Saclay, France. 

Dimitrios Korres (PhD 2013: On-shell Methods in Three and Six DimensionsPublications
Dimitrios went on to work as an analyst at the National Audit Office. 

Jurgis Pasukonis (PhD 2013: BPS Operators and Brane GeometriesPublications
Jurgis founded a startup company building mobile apps for public transport, focusing on route finding algorithms. 

Edvard Musaev (PhD 2013: U-dualities in Type II string theories and M-theoryPublications
Edvard accepted a postdoc at the University of Hanover.

Will Black (PhD 2012: Gravitational Effects from Amplitudes for String-Brane InteractionsPublications
Will moved on to work for Cambridge Consultants. 

Moritz McGarrie  (PhD 2011: Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking in Five Dimensions)  Publications
Moritz accepted a postdoctoral research position at DESY Hamburg supported by a Humboldt Fellowship.

Gianni Tallarita (PhD 2011: Aspects of Brane World-Volume Dynamics in String TheoryPublications
Gianni accepted a postdoctoral research position at the University of La Plata, Argentina. 

David Turton  (PhD 2011: On Black Holes in String TheoryPublications
David accepted a postdoctoral research position at Ohio State University. 

Daniel Koschade (PhD 2011: Aspects of Supersymetric Field Theories in Four and Six DimensionsPublications
Daniel went on to work for BMW in Munich.

Panagiotis Katsaroumpas (PhD 2011: On Perturbative Scattering Amplitudes in Maximally Supersymmetric TheoriesPublications
Panos moved on to work for Roxar Ltd in Oxford. 

Vincenzo Calò (PhD 2010: Aspects of Finite Temperature Corrections in String TheoryPublications
Vincenzo moved on to work for Morgan Stanley in London. 

Andrew Low (PhD 2010: Aspects of Supersymmetry in Multiple Membrane TheoryPublications
Andrew went on to work as a teacher at Wimbledon High School. 

Daniel Thompson (PhD 2010: T-Duality Invariant Approaches to String TheoryPublications
Dan accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. 

Massimiliano Vincon (PhD 2009: Unitarity Methods for Scattering Amplitudes in Perturbative Gauge TheoriesPublications
Max accepted a postdoctoral research position at IPM in Tehran. 

Adele Nasti (PhD 2009: Novel Approaches to Perturbative Amplitudes in Gauge Theory and GravityPublications
Adele moved on to work for Rolls Royce. 

Tom Brown (PhD 2009: Gauge/Gravity Duality Beyond the Planar LimitPublications
Tom accepted a postdoctoral research position at DESY. 

Laura Tadrowski (PhD 2008: Aspects of M-Theory branes and their deformationsPublications
Laura moved on to work for Morgan Stanley in London. 

Dario Duò (PhD 2007: String techniques for the computation of effective actions in brane-world modelsPublications
Dario moved on to work for the social/financial market research company Ales Market Research in Milano. 

James Bedford (PhD 2007: On perturbative field theory and twistor string theoryPublications
James was awarded a three year PPARC Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at Imperial College London. 

John Ward (PhD 2007: Aspects of brane dynamics in string theoryPublications
John accepted a postdoctoral research position at Victoria University, Canada. 

Simon McNamara (PhD 2006: Twistor inspired methods in perturbative field theory and fuzzy funnelsPublications
Simon moved on to work for BNP Paribas. 

Costis Papageorgakis (PhD 2006: On matrix D-brane dynamics and fuzzy spheresPublications
Costis accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India. 

Ronald Reid-Edwards (PhD 2006: Duality and Geometry of M theory) Publications
Ronald accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Hamburg. 

Joe Henson (PhD 2003: Developing a dynamic for discrete structures in quantum gravity) Publications
Joe accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Perimeter Institute, Canada. 

Mike Chesterman (PhD 2003: Ghost constraints and the covariant quantization of the superparticle in ten dimensions) Publications
Mike accepted a postdoctoral research position at the University of North Carolina. 

Paul DeMedeiros (PhD 2002: Duality in non-perturbative quantum gravity) Publications
Paul accepted a postdoctoral research position at Edinburgh University. 

Stathis Pakis (PhD 2002: Supergravity duals and the geometry of Killing spinors) Publications
Stathis accepted a postdoctoral research position at Imperial College London. 

Mohab Abouzeid (PhD 2001: Complex geometry, duality and non-perturbative structures in superstring theory) Publications
Mohab accepted a postdoctoral research position at the Max Planck Institute, Potsdam, Germany. 

Spyros Skoulakis (PhD 2000: Conformal aspects of turbulence and quantum Hall systems) Publications
Spyros moved into biological research in the Molecular Oncology Group at the Institute of Cancer, Barts and the London, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Chris Kohl (PhD 1999) Publications
Chris went on to work for Deutsche Bank as a quantitative analyst.  

Bobby Acharya (PhD 1997: Joyce compactifications of string theory and M theory) Publications
Bobby accepted a postdoctoral research position at Queen Mary. 

Wafic Sabra (PhD 1992: Conformal invariance and two dimensional quantum gravity)  Publications
Wafic accepted a postdoctoral research position at Royal Holloway.

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