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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences


We invite applications for a number of prestigious early and advanced personal fellowships.

A number of our current staff have held such fellowships here or elsewhere prior to or during appointment:

  • EPSRC (D. Berman, W. Spence, G. Travaglini)
  • STFC/PPARC (S. Ramgoolam, D. Vegh)
  • Royal Society (M. Buican, R. Monteiro, C. Papageorgakis, S. Thomas, C. Wen)


Please contact members of staff directly with expressions of interest or Prof. Andreas Brandhuber for general enquiries, with a 3-page (A4) draft research proposal and a CV by the dates below (but ideally well before). Candidates typically have 2-10 years of post-doctoral experience, have demonstrated excellence and leadership in research, and have research interests aligned with the activities of the group. Late applications are possible, but may not receive full consideration. NOTE: the internal deadline for Ernest Rutherford Fellowships is 8th July 2024

Selected applicants will be matched to fellowship schemes depending on eligibility criteria and quota (if applicable). Individuals will be paired with an academic from our group to work with and provide detailed guidance in preparing the final application to the funding agency.


Royal Society Fellowships

The Royal Society offers a number of prestigious Fellowships under three different programmes:

  • Royal Society University Research Fellowships, which are tenable for 5 years and renewable up to 8 years. These are mainly for outstanding researchers at an advanced postdoctoral level. The final deadline for the proposal is early 10th September 2024. Our internal deadline is 8th July 2024.
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships, mainly designed for people who need flexible working patterns due to personal commitments. These are tenable for up to 8 years 
  • Newton International Fellowships, 2-year fellowships for non-UK outstanding researchers at an early stage of their career

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships

The STFC award a small number of 5-year Ernest Rutherford Fellowships: STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships.

These awards are very competitive and we can only support 1-2 applicants per round, which are decided as per the deadlines above. Final deadline for the proposal is 1st October 2024. Our internal deadline is 8th July 2024.

Other funding opportunities supported by the STFC can be found at the link: STFC Fellowships.

European Commission Fellowships

The European Union offers a number of prestigious Fellowships under the Horizon Europe programme, specifically:

  • ERC Starting grants, 5-year positions for researcher leaders with 2-7 years of postdoctoral experience who wish to start or consolidate their research (expected deadline: Oct 2024).
    Our internal deadline is 1/9/2024.
  • ERC Consolidator grants, 5-year positions for established researchers with 7-12 years of postdoctoral experience (expected deadline: Feb 2024). 
    Our internal deadline is 1/12/2024.
  • Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowships, 2-year positions with a "mobility rule" (deadline: 11th September 2024).
    Our internal deadline is 8th July 2024.


EPSRC Fellowships

The EPSRC processes fellowship applications at all levels.

More information on these funding opportunities can be found at the link: EPSRC Fellowships.


Stephen Hawking Fellowships

The UKRI is offering a new 4-year fellowship scheme in theoretical physics with a strong public-engagement component.

More information about the scheme can be found at the link: Stephen Hawking Fellowships.


Other Funding Opportunities

There are other opportunities for postdoctoral research funding at Queen Mary. These include:

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