School of Physics and Astronomy

Professor Andreas Brandhuber


Professor of Theoretical Physics

Telephone: 020 7882 5797
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 603



In the academic year 2018/2019 I will teach Quantum Mechanics B (3rd year BSc, Semester 1) and will supervise UG and PG projects.


Research Interests:

I am a director of the Centre for Research in String Theory. My main research interests are centered around string theory, gravity, gauge theories and their interrelations. Exciting advances in these fields have recently come about due to the realisation that certain field theories are dual to certain string theories. This discovery has led to major progress in our understanding of the dynamics of gauge theories at the perturbative and non-perturbative level. In the last years my research has been devoted to exploring theoretical scenarios where the interplay between string and field theory has proved to be particularly fruitful and productive:

  • The duality of Wilson loops and amplitudes, and its relation to dual conformal symmetry and integrable structures
  • The study of form factors and their relations to amplitudes in QCD. In particular the exploration of mathematical structures that form factors in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills have in common with Higgs plus parton amplitudes in QCD.
  • Study of modern methods for scattering amplitudes in gauge theories and gravity. This includes supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric theories such as pure Yang-Mills and QCD, and theories in various dimensions including ABJM-type Chern-Simons matter theories in d=3 and six-dimensional theories.

  • The novel duality between N=4 super Yang-Mills and twistor string theory, and its applications.

  • The study of the non-perturbative dynamics of supersymmetric gauge theories using exactly calculable anomalies, branes in string theory and dualities.

  • M-theory compactifications on G_2 manifolds and their implications for model building.

  • The AdS/CFT correspondence and its generalisations to non-conformal gauge theories.


  1. STFC Consolidated Grant: "String Theory, Gauge Theory and Duality" ST/P000754/1, A Brandhuber (PI), DS Berman, S Ramgoolam, R Russo, M Shigemori, WJ Spence, S Thomas, G Travaglini, C Papageorgakis, C White, GBP703,989, 2017-2020.
  2. European Training Network "SAGEX", Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment, PI G Travaglini, 8 academic partner universities, ca. 4,000,000 Euro
  3. STFC Consolidated Grant, String Theory, Gauge Theory and Duality, A Brandhuber (PI), DS Berman, S Ramgoolam, R Russo, WJ Spence, S Thomas, G Travaglini, and B Wecht, 2014-2017. GBP726,605.
  4. STFC Consolidated Grant, String Theory, Gauge Theory and Duality, A Brandhuber (PI), DS Berman, S Ramgoolam, R Russo, WJ Spence, S Thomas, G Travaglini, and B Wecht, 2011-2014. GBP632,431.

  5. STFC Rolling Grant, String Theory, Gauge Theory and Duality, A Brandhuber (PI), DS Berman, S Ramgoolam, R Russo, WJ Spence, S Thomas, G Travaglini, 2008-2013. GBP1,400,000 (superceded in 2011 by Consolidated Grant).

  6. INFN (Italy): Brandhuber, Spence, Travaglini, V. Del Duca (INFN, Torino), N. Glover (IPPP, Durham), D. Kosower (CEA, Saclay), E. Laenen (Nikhef, Amsterdam), G. Passarino (University of Torino), D. Zeppenfeld (University of Karlsruhe). Two month workshop "Advancing Collider Physics: from Twistors to Monte Carlos" at the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics, Arcetri, Florence, Italy, August 27-October 26 2007, (EURO 125,000).

  7. PPARC Rolling Grant  "String theory, gauge theory and gravity", Berman, Brandhuber, Ramgoolam, Spence, Thomas, (2006-2008), GBP 249,800.

  8. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: A. Brandhuber and B. Spence: Grant for the International Workshop: "From Twistors to Amplitudes", (2005) Queen Mary, November 2005, GBP 4700.

  9. Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council: A. Brandhuber and B. Spence, (2005-2007), "Gauge theory, string theory and twistor space techniques", GBP 134,010.

  10. European Union, Framework 6, Marie Curie Training and Mobility of Researchers Grant, <em>Superstrings</em>, Theory Group, Department of Physics, Queen Mary, (2004-2008),  EURO 259,980. 



This is not an exhaustive list and I would be happy to discuss other project possibilities.