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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences


Our aim

The primary aim of our PhD programme is to ensure that our students produce the highest quality research, in order to enable them to successfully complete their PhD on time and obtain the best possible foundation for their career. We encourage students to begin work on a research project at the first opportunity, providing flexibility in the choice of project and supervisor, and we foster research interactions and collaborations between students and other members of the group. 

Click on how to apply for details on the application procedure. 

Training and progression

First-year PhD students who may need to attend courses in particular subjects needed for their research are encouraged to do so. An important part of the PhD involves training in relevant skills such as seminar presentations, the writing of research papers as well as job application and interview skills; short courses in such areas are provided through the College Graduate School and training is given directly within the research group. All students are required to present formal seminars on their research each year, and are required to have submitted a report or equivalent at the end of the first year. Progression to the following year is subject to a satisfactory report and subsequent oral defense, and performance in the seminar. We are committed to ensuring that students successfully obtain their PhDs within the funding period of their grant. 

Graduate programme in String/Field Theory

We offer an annual Graduate Program in String/Field Theory. The program consists of a series of short courses on advanced topics in String and Field Theory. The aim of these courses is not to offer a systematic introduction to basic material, but rather to help fill the gap between traditional PhD courses and the know-how that is required for day-to-day research. For more details and information on the schedule consult the following webpage:  Graduate Programme in String/Field Theory.

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