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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Summer Student Research Programme

The QMUL Astronomy Unit offers the opportunity for undergraduate students, both internal to QMUL and external (from other universities), to join our research groups over the summer to take part in, and contribute to, the research being done by the different groups.

Research in the AU falls under three main themes: Cosmology & Relativity, Extrasolar Planets & Planet Formation, and Space & Astrophysical Plasmas, and each year we offer opportunities for students interested in these areas.

A list of potential supervisors and projects is listed below (although others may be available). If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact the relevant supervisor with a CV (detailing your academic achievements/experience and any other relevant expertise), a grade transcript if available, and a short description of what you are interested in working on.

Most places are funded, meaning that students will receive a bursary (amount TBC), however we also welcome students with their own sources of funding.

Each year, there will be events organised for the cohort of internship students to meet each other, interact, learn about each other's projects, and experience what working on cutting-edge research topics in a leading research group is like.

A (non-exhaustive) selection of projects:


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