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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

2024 News

Interfaces : Strings, Symmetries, ComputationsInterfaces : Strings, Symmetries, Computations New perspectives on algorithms and complexity from string theory
15 April 2024

Dr Ramgoolam has worked with “Research Features” to produce an expository article for general audiences on his recent research with an international team of collaborators. The research is developing novel applications of string theory ideas to understand the complexity of classical and quantum algorithms related to symmetries. 

Image from Where Are All These Rogue Planets Coming From? Web article. Where are all these rogue planets coming from?
1 April 2024

What are rogue planets and how did they come into existence? This article cites research in a new paper by Dr Gavin Coleman in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Radiation from massive stars shapes planetary systems
29 February 2024

Astronomy unit members are part of a team that has discovered a unique planetary system where a young star is being stripped bare of its planet-forming material at an astonishing rate

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