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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Our Research

It is my great pleasure to present our 2021-2026 Research Strategy where we set the ambitious aim to tackle health inequality, promote equitable health care and enable our transformational research to deliver ‘better health for all’.

To satisfy this vision our research must make a real impact on health-related problems for the benefit of East London as well as the global population. This vision is underpinned by focused themes, multi-disciplinary themes and cross-cutting themes onto which we will organise our research activities and investment for the next five years. We want to grow by recruiting and retaining academic staff who are current or future world leaders in their fields nurturing their careers in a supportive environment. They will operate in our Institutes to deliver high quality innovative and translational research.

In 2021-2026, we will work on the focused themes of cancer, cardiovascular medicine, inflammation and population health to harness in them scholarships, knowledge creation and innovation. We have identified multi-disciplinary themes in digital health, crisis prevention & management, environment & health and life-long health. Our multi-disciplinary themes will springboard partnerships within the UK and abroad, to develop multimodal research centres and training activities, hence maximise the medical and dental impact of our discoveries. We have selected three cross-cutting themes in precision medicine, diagnostics & devices and integrative physiology with 3D modelling which will attract technological investment to support our science.

We look forward to working together and delivering better health for all in medicine, dentistry and healthcare.

Professor Mauro Perretti
Dean for Research and Research Impact

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry