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School of English and Drama

Conference: The Aesthetics of Elsewhere

11 August 2013

Time: 1:00am
Venue: Queen Mary, University of London

Leaving Home: Transnational Performance and the Aesthetics of Elsewhere is a conference marking the third meeting of the ArtsCross International Network and the performance of Leaving Home, Being Elsewhere. The conference offers an opportunity to watch, listen to, discuss, and engage in an ongoing series of exchanges between the practices and policies of contemporary artistic practice and performance between East and West. In a moment in the early twenty first century when those terms seem both more and less appropriate to the cultural, economic and political realities we face, what role can the arts and culture play in advancing and challenging preconceived ideas about other lives – including our own? In Leaving Home, leading scholars from the performing arts in China, Taiwan, the UK, the USA, and Japan will reflect on their three year engagement in ArtsCross – a major intercultural arts project supported by the AHRC.

The conference is part of the ArtsCross London 2013 research project, which brings together artists and academics from Beijing Dance Academy, Taipei University of the Arts, and from UK universities and conservatoires. Martin Welton is the co-investigator of the project. You can read more about the project here.

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