School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Enzyme Catalysis

Module code: BIO365

Credits: 15.0
Semester: SEM2

  • Semester 2: Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12: Monday 11 am - 1 pm
  • Semester 2: Weeks 16: Thursday 11 am - 1 pm
    IT Class
  • Semester 2: Weeks 3, 5, 9, 11: Monday 2 pm - 4 pm

Contact: Dr Ewan Main
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: BIO265 (SBS905)

Prerequisites: Metabolic Pathways (SBS905). This module covers various aspects of enzyme catalysis including: enzymes as proteins; enzymes as catalysts; enzyme classification; and the role of molecular mobility in enzyme catalysis. You will also investigate the active site concept and the catalytic and substrate binding properties of amino acid residue sidechains. Binding energy, driving forces and free energy relationships; the use of kinetic analysis in the study of enzyme mechanism and inhibition; and recent theories on catalysis are also discussed. Several enzyme mechanisms will be described in detail to illustrate the applications of biophysical techniques (eg spectroscopy, crystallography) and site directed mutagenesis in the study of such mechanisms. you will be taught a number of important computer-based applications towards the study of enzymes, including the use of bioinformatics and molecular graphics programmes.

Connected course(s): UDF DATA
Assessment: 80.0% Examination, 20.0% Coursework
Level: 6