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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Podcast: Can banks help stop gambling harm?


In the episode, they explore the issue of excessive gambling affecting England's population and what might be done to support affected customers. Professor Hörnle and Dr Jones were part of a team of researchers at Queen Mary University of London who prepared a report looking into how banks can support individuals who are experiencing gambling related financial harm.

On why banks should help their customers, Julia Hörnle, Professor of Internet Law at Queen Mary's School of Law, said: "it's often the bank who's the only entity in the whole wide world who actually knows, through transactional data, or through contact with the affected person, that there is a problem".

Discussing the recommendations that came out of the report, Dr Janelle Jones, Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology at Queen Mary's School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences, said: "we think it’s really important that banks actually engage with individuals with lived experiences to ask them what they need and what would help them, so [banks] can design really effective tools."

The Yours Lawfully podcast is produced by postgraduate law and tech students at Queen Mary University of London, and explores the current and pressing issues in tech, media, and intellectual property law.

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