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Postdoc Appreciation Week

Want to recognise a Queen Mary Postdoc, or group of them, for their contributions, their support, or for just being a wonderful person? Click the 'Nominate a Postdoc' button
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Monday September 18 - Friday September 22

Queen Mary is launching some new activities to celebrate national Postdoc Apprecation Week (PAW)! In addition to the programme of events listed below, visit the national PAW website to find out about other activities going on across the country (some of which will be online).

This week also marks the National Postdoc Conference 2023, which runs every two years. This year's conference is being hosted by the University of Loughborough, and runs on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September. Visit their website to find out more information.

The Queen Mary Academy is supporting a delegation of six postdocs to attend this conference and report back to you. We will post their thoughts here after the conference.


The PAW - Postdoc Appreciation Week Logo - features the PAW in red and the hashtag / tag line ot the event - lovepostdocsWe want our postdocs to know how important they are at Queen Mary

Take a moment to share a message you'd like us to broadcast to postdocs during Postdoc Appreciation Week, or nominate a specific Queen Mary postdoc for whatever you think they should be appreciated for! Postdocs will receive a email of your message along with a £7 voucher for a Costa coffee!

Nominate a Postdoc Here

Entries may be published online on this website or on our  X/Twitter (@QMUL_RD)and Instagram (@qmresearcherdev) feeds, so please bear this in mind when composing your message.


  • The first 50 nomination accepted will receive the Cost voucher
  • Messages will start going online on 18 September 2023, and may take up to 72 hours to be published and for your nominee to receive their copy and voucher
  • Form is only open to Queen Mary staff and students (you must be logged into your QM Microsoft 365 account) - form submitter's name and email is automatically captured
  • You must complete the form
  • Individual postdocs recognised multiple times will only receive a single Costa coffee voucher
  • Nominations close at 18:00 UTC on 22 September 2023


Postdoc Comedy Night

Want to learn a new way to communicate about your research?

Looking to develop your presentation skills and confidence? 

Join us to learn how to become hilarious about your work, and to craft a stand-up comedy set about it. 

Researcher Development will recruit up to 14 postdocs and train you talk about your research and present it as a stand-up comedy set. Recruitment closes 19 September 2023. Training and coaching is by Dr Steve Cross, the creator of Science Showoff and Bright Club. 

First Training Session will take place shortly after PAW 2023

Performance Date: Monday October 9th 2023 - at the Neuron Pod (Whitechapel)

To get a feel for what these events are like, here are some YouTube clips for you to view.

  • Former QMUL Doctoral Student Zoë McGee's set for Science Showoff [YouTube]
  • Science Showoff event that was run at the University of Cambridge [YouTube]

To register your interest to participate



10 days to Change the World (for You)!

From Dr Emma Williams, co-author of “What Every Postdoc Needs to Know”, comes a workshop to help you plan your 10 days' of career and professional development activity so you are more competitive for your next post, within or beyond academia.

Monday 18 September 2023 – 10:30-12:00 (on Zoom)

In Person Event - at Mile End

Postdoc Welcome Event

Come meet other new postdocs at Queen Mary, as well as learn about some of the support teams across The University to help you with different elements of your research or career and professional development.

Wednesday 20 September 2023 – 14:00-16:00
iQ East Court - 0.15 (former Scape Building) - Mile end Campus

Panel Discussion

Postdoc Career Transitions to Independence

This session will feature early-career academic researchers from across Queen Mary, sharing their stories of transitioning to independence from their postdoc stages. You will get a chance to interact with panellists and ask them questions.

Thursday 21 September 2023 – 10:00-11:30 TBC (on Zoom)

Panel Speakers:

  • Dr Özgen Deniz - Lecturer and Group Leader / CRUK Career Development Fellow - BCI
  • Dr Ana Sobrido - Reader in Sustainable Energy Materials / UKRI Future Leader Fellow - SEMS
  • Dr Delfi Nieto-Isabel - Lecturer in History / Marie Sklodwoska-curie Research Fellow - History
  • Dr Rosalind Hannen - Lecturer in Cutaneous Research / CEO Keratify - Blizard Institute
  • Dr Ravinash Krishna Kumar - Lecturer in Medical Technologies / EPSRC Open Fellow (Plus) - SEMS


Writing Narrative CVs including R4RI and Résumé for Researchers

More funders are requesting this novel CV format with  funding applications.

The first part (45 min) of this workshop will include information about narrative CVs and the kind of information that goes into each major "module".

The second part will give participants a chance to spend some time writing, so that by the end of the session, you'll have started a draft each of the core modules. You'll learn how to covert the information you have you your standard CV to this format, and you'll get a chance to exchange narratives with your colleagues to gain feedback on your writing. 

Friday 22 September 2023 – 10:00-13:00 (on Zoom)


Pint of Science

Tuesday 19th September 

SEMS is running a free social event for Postdoc Appreciation Week in collaboration with pint of science. There will be research presentations from bioengineering postdocs and food and drinks for afterwards, plus goody bags for attendees. All research students and staff are welcome!

Registration Link


Joint Barts Cancer Institute and William Harvey Research Institute Postdoc Social

Wednesday 20 September 2023 – From 15:30 on the Green at Charterhouse Square (Weather permitting)

Welcome to all postdocs in the BCI and WHRI, come meet your neighbours with FREE PIZZA and DRINKS!

Complete our mingle bingo for a chance to win up to £25 worth of Amazon cards!

Click here to register (BCI) or here to register (WHRI)



Thursday 21 September 2023, 16:00, Venue: Eng. 3.25

Join us to listen about the pathway from PDRA to industrial research as experienced by one of former SEMS postdocs, Dr Vasily Gryazev. Vasily holds a position of Senior Researcher in aeroacoustics at Dyson.

MS Teams Link



To book a place on our Postdoc Appreciation Week programme visit the CPD Bookings page and search for 'PAW'  to bring up the list of bookable events.

CPD Bookings
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