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Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute

Disney and chill

Professor Johanna Gibson talks to Wired about Disney+, and how much control Disney now has on where and how it's shows can be watched

Person selecting something to watch on a streaming service on their TV

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Making Netflix nervous is a bonus for Disney+: the real goal for the House of Mouse is gaining control over where and how all its shows can be watched - reports Wired. This gives Disney total power over its own image, something it did not enjoy when it relied on other services to distribute what the company had created. Johanna Gibson, Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary University of London, asks an important question: "Will they still broadcast on other networks? Or will they just control everything, and will other networks become irrelevant in that respect?"

Read the full article on Wired.

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