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Nigel Farage’s Brexit party saved Labour seats in 2019 election, analysis finds


Nigel Farage’s Brexit party may have saved up to 25 Labour seats in the Midlands and the north at the 2019 general election, denying Boris Johnson a landslide majority of 130, according to new analysis.

Edited by academics Tim Bale, Robert Ford, Will Jennings and Paula Surridge, the new book is the latest edition of what is widely viewed as the definitive academic guide to general elections, with the first edition published in the wake of Labour’s landslide victory in 1945.

Philip Cowley, professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, also writes for the Times on the calling of the 2019 General Election. He notes that “all general elections generate myths, unanswered questions and what-ifs. With 2019 we still have them around the question of how we ended up with an election at all.” Professor Cowley is also credited with having written the chapter on the calling of the election in ‘The British General Election of 2019’.

This was covered in the Guardian

The Independent also covers the chapter from which it is drawn.

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