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School of Politics and International Relations


The study of politics, international relations and sociology concentrates on how societies organise themselves and handle their differences. It goes right back to the ancient Greeks and covers not just institutions and ideas but interactions between states and various non-state actors, such as NGOs, multinationals, unions and the media in the international order.

At Queen Mary University of London, you will have the chance to study these disciplines from a truly global perspective. You will be introduced to theories of politics, international relations and sociology, and you will apply them to topical debates on a huge range of both domestic and international issues. At the end of your programme you will have acquired the skills needed to analyse and make sense of our ever-changing world.


  • Our location: being based in one of the world’s greatest capital cities means politics, both global and domestic, is right on your doorstep
  • Our parliamentary internship module: offers single honours politics students the chance of an exciting, work-based placement
  • Our events: we provide the chance to hear from and network with high-profile people working in and around Westminster, Whitehall and the wider world
  • Our interdisciplinary approach to sociology: we offer a distinctive transdisciplinary angle on the study of sociology that emphasises its international, global and political dimensions.

Degree programmes and modules we offer:

Information for prospective students

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