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School of Politics and International Relations

Visiting Academics in Politics and International Relations

The School of Politics and International Relations is happy to host visiting academics who would like to work with our staff on areas of mutual research interest. Our main areas of research are covered on our website. The College can bestow a wide range of visiting titles on academic staff from other institutions.

Visiting Titles are conferred on persons of appropriate academic standing who are not members of staff of Queen Mary University of London, and who contribute in a significant way to the teaching and/or research mission of the College. An individual employed in an academic or research post at another higher education or research institution and contributing to the College’s teaching and research will normally be granted a title reflecting his/her status in the employing institution, e.g. Visiting Lecturer/Visiting Research Fellow.

To Apply

  1. Potential applicants should contact the Research Manager either directly or via a member of staff. Academic staff will be contacted to assess an applicant’s suitability where appropriate. Applicants should send the following documentation
    1. Full CV,
    2. The expected duration and start date (please note that usually a stay is at least 3 months),
    3. Name of proposed sponsor (member of staff in the School of Politics and International Relations),
    4. Description of the work you intend to conduct during the fellowship and how this will contribute to the School (for further details regarding expected contributions, see below).
  2. The Research Manager will discuss any applications with both the Director of Research and Director of Administration.
  3. Applications are formally approved by the Research Committee and the Head of School and passed to HR for approval by the Vice Principal. HR will then inform the applicant directly.

Terms & Conditions

Detailed guidelines regarding Visiting/Honorary staff members can be found online

In addition, the School sets the following conditions:

  1. The School will provide space on a ‘hot desk’ basis.
  2. Administration costs may be applicable.
  3. Visiting and honorary staff will be expected to contribute to the School’s research and/or teaching culture through seminars/lectures, where appropriate this will include one or more of the following:
  4. Conducting a project/work related to interests of the sponsor and other academic colleagues of the School where applicable.
  5. Contribution (e.g. presentation of a paper) to a School seminar, centre event, guest lecture or Masters lecture.
  6. Preparation of a specific grant application (jointly with the sponsor and/or other academic colleagues of the School). Please specify funder and scheme in your application.
  7. Visiting staff will be expected to provide details for a staff profile on the School’s website.

Contact Information

If you are interested in applying for a Visiting Title,  please contact the Research Manager, or on +44 (0)20 7882 7369. 

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