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School of Politics and International Relations


Headshot of alumna Zlatina Jekova Zlatina Jekova (BA International Relations, 2014, MA International Business & Politics, 2017)
9 October 2020

Through my blog, I want to show my audience all the incredible places around the world that I travel to, but because I am just as interested in fashion, I always take a lot of different outfits with me to expand my audience’s perspective on fashion too.

Headshot of alumnus Filotas-Georgios Niarchos Filotas-Georgios Niarchos (MA International Relations and Politics, 2016)
9 October 2020

Queen Mary helps you discover new opportunities and take a deeper look at a great variety of jobs that I, personally, could never have imagined were possible in my hometown. Not only my studies, but also the entrepreneurial environment at Queen Mary, gave me the opportunity and motivation to begin my own companies.

Headshot of alumna, Roberta Rhyse Roberta Rhyse (Politics and International Relations, 2019)
9 October 2020

Roberta Rhyse Kirosingh graduated from Queen Mary in 2019 with a bachelors degree in Politics and International Relations. She is the founder of The Simple Press and works as an Executive Westminster Manager for a Member of Parliament, as well as a Policy Researcher.

Headshot of alumnus, Oliver Davis Oliver Davis (BA Politics, 2016)
21 July 2020

While I was still doing my masters, I got my job as the Regional Organiser here in Tower Hamlets. It was very much the contacts, the networks and the exposure that I gained through my degree that was all part of one direct line to where I am now.