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School of Politics and International Relations

Undergraduate Modules

1st year modules 

POL105 Political Analysis

POL106 Introduction to International Relations

POL108 Background to British Politics

POL109 Global Histories

POL110 Thinking Politically: Introduction to concepts, theories and Ideologies

POL113 Politics in Action 

POL180 Global Sociology

Please note that all modules are subject to change.

2nd Year Modules 

POL243 British Politics

POL247 Modernity: Theories of State, Economy and Society

POL249 Foreign Policy Analysis

POL251 International Relations Theory

POL254 US Politics

POL255 Colonialism, Capitalism and Development

POL256 War in World Politics

POL257 The International Politics of the Developing World

POL258 The International Politics of Security

POL259 Politics of International Law

POL261 Power in Global Governance

POL263 Modern Political Thought 1

POL264 Modern Political Thought 2

POL265 Comparative European Politics I - Context and Institutional Development

POL268 The UK and EU

POL269 Political Data Research

POL270 Doing Qualitative Research 

POL280 Social Theory

POL282 Revolutions: Political, Social and Technological

POL283 Global Theory

POL284 Comparative Politics

POL285 Introduction to Social Sciences Methodologies 

Please note that all modules are subject to change.

3rd Year Modules

POL301 Civil Society - Internship

POL303 Technology, Politics, War

POL304 Environmental Politics

POL306 Analysing Public Policy: Independent Research

POL309 Making Democracy Work: Public Opinion, Representation and Information

POL311 The Politics of the Anti-Colonial

POL312 Populism: A Global Perspective

POL313 Populism in 21st Century Europe

POL317 Global Politics of Health and Disease

POL318 Dissertation in Politics / International Relations

POL319 Politics of South Asia

POL320 Politics of South Asia – Independent Research

POL323 Critical Currents in North American Political Thought

POL327 The International Relations of the Middle East

POL332 Civil Society: Democracy, Activism and Social Change

POL334 Migration and the Politics of Belonging

POL336 Racism and Anti-Racism in World Politics

POL340 The Global History and Politics of the Far Right

POL343 More than Human Politics

POL350 Analysing Public Policy

POL355 Globalisation: Issues and Debates

POL358 US Foreign Policy

POL361 Gender and Politics

POL368 Socialist Political Thought

POL369 Latin American Politics

POL371 Nationalism & Ethnicity in International Relations

POL372 Africa and International Politics

POL373 Parliamentary Studies

POL379 Radical Politics Today

POL381 The Politics of Southeast Asia

POL382 Contemporary Russian Politics

POL383 Political Violence and Liberal Modernity

POL385 Global Ethics

POL389 The Political Life of Security Methods

POL392 Parliamentary Studies (Internship)

POL398 American Politics, Carceral State and Social Movements 

Please note that all modules are subject to change.


Terms and Conditions

Queen Mary will aim to deliver your programme so that it closely matches the way in which it has been described to you by QMUL in print, online, and/or in person. However, it is important to realise that in some circumstances, we may change aspects of your programme. 

Full terms and conditions can be viewed online


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