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The Center for European Research (CER) Seminar Series 2022/2023 on 'The Idea of Europe: past, present and future'

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13 October 2022 - 31 May 2023

Time: 7:00 - 12:12pm
Venue: University of London Institute in Paris, 7-9 rue de Constantine 75007

Events include:

  • 13 October (18h-20h) Françoise Vergès 

Françoise Vergès is a writer, historian, political scientist, filmmaker, independent curator, and activist. Her work explores the legacies of colonialism in the present, with a particular focus on decolonial feminism.

Her recent books include Une théorie féministe de la violence (La Fabrique 2021, translated into English as A Feminist Theory of Violence, Pluto Press 2022); Un féminisme décolonial (La Fabrique 2020, translated into in English as A Decolonial Feminism, Pluto Press 2021); and De la violence coloniale dans l’espace public (Shed Publishing, 2021). 

  • 18 October (18-20h) Megan Brown

Join Dr Megan Brown and ULIP colleagues for a discussion of her recently published book on how Algeria’s years as a ‘part of’ Europe came about and why that status lasted after independence. This neglected history offers radically new insight into the idea that the Europe of Brussels today was not the only possible outcome for post-war European unification projects. 

  • 16 November (18-20h) Helena Farrand Carrapico:  EU Cybersecurity in the age of Digital Sovereignty- Taking Back Control?

How can we understand digital sovereignty and why is it relevant? Why is the EU making use of the concept of sovereignty, a traditional notion of modern statecraft? What kind of cybersecurity actor does the EU want to become? What is the impact of Brexit on this area? Please join this keynote lecture and Professor Ian Walden; Professor of Information and Communications Law at Queen Mary University of London, Chaired by Sarah Wolff (QM in Paris). 

  • 24 November (18-20h) Fanny Pigeaud and Ndongo Samba Sylla: Africa's Last Colonial Currency

The authors will discuss their book L'Arme invisible de la Françafrique (La Découverte, 2019)

The book is a study of the CFA Franc—a collection of two currencies created by French colonial authorities that are still used in fourteen African countries.

The authors will explore the origin of the CFA Franc, analyse its current operation, and ask about its likely future. In particular, they will ask why former French colonies have not been able to obtain monetary sovereignty and what the persistence of a colonial currency says about postcolonial relations between Europe and Africa.

Chaired by Dr Musab Younis (QM in Paris), this will be a bilingual discussion in both French and English.


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