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Legal Advice Centre

Self-Help Tool Kits and Information Leaflets

Some self-help and information leaflets produced by Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre students to inform the public about their rights and entitlements.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

If you require more information on how to apply for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority you can read our toolkit: Criminal Injuries Compensation claim (CICA) [PDF 220KB].

This has been created by solicitor Emily McFaddon and four of our students; Katherine Casserly, Julia Xhulia Tepshi, Lena Dora Pen, and Aldyen Taylor Kireger.

Illegal retention of property

We have created a toolkit for those seeking the return of property from within the prison system or property which has been unlawfully retained by police following an investigation.  This toolkit provides examples of the relevant forms needed to make any claims in relation to lost, damaged or stolen property.

The tool kit has been designed to be a user-friendly guide for those without a legal background or legal knowledge.  This toolkit was created in January 2021 by lawyers from Tuckers Solicitors and Leigh Day Solicitors along with QMLAC students: Zohra Bhimani, John O’Mahony, Megan Evers, Holly Clayton, Yousef Shehabeldin, Yasmin Himmi, Uswah Naseem and Estelle Sakkal. This open access resource if free and available for download: How to reclaim lost property from a prison or police station [PDF 1,004KB]

The toolkit is also available in French: Comment récupérer des biens perdus auprès d’une prison ou d’un commissariat de police [PDF 544KB].


Here is a leaflet on the rights of carers (produced in February 2024 by Mahak Marothi and Sarah Wasin): Rights of Carers [PDF 273KB]

We have a leaflet outlining how to apply for certain disability related benefits (produced in April 2024 by Georgia Hawthorne, Mahak Marothi and Gem Selvarajah): Accessing disability benefits [PDF 2,288KB].

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