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Students writing out the word CHANGE Global Day of Action for Climate Change 2021
17 December 2021

On Wednesday 17 November 2021, the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre marked the annual Student Law Clinic Global Day for Action for Climate Justice.

Alumni profile - Hussain Syed
15 November 2021

(Law with History LLB, 2020)

Islamophobia Awareness Month is a fantastic opportunity for the Muslim community to educate the wider community about the impact of Islamophobic hate crime and discrimination on British Muslims in the UK. I urge everyone reading this post to take time this month to read through some of MEND’s resources on Islamophobia or speak to their Muslim friends and colleagues about Islamophobia.



Five Legal Advice Centre Students stand holding a huge colourful banner which reads Chambers and Partner Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Features Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre Article
12 November 2021

“this time last year we were sitting with our head in our hands, thinking how can we virtually run a law clinic”

New Computer Room in the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre Expansion and Refurbishment of the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre – Now Complete
9 November 2021

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre has undertaken renovation works to increase the facilities for staff and students and to enable a more flexible service for its clients.

Queen Mary Law students gathered round a laptop in the graduate centre 2020-2021: Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre’s Highlights
31 May 2021

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre has had an incredibly successful year, balancing both its social-justice and educational-orientated objectives. All students involved at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre have demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice. The resilience of the students, despite very challenging circumstances for many, has ensured the delivery of a high-quality service for clients at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre.

Front cover of the How to reclaim lost property from a prison or police station with the Queen Mary School of Law logo and the LAC logo Prisoner Property Project toolkit is a success in the local community
1 April 2021

The Prisoner Property Project toolkit was developed by nine undergraduate students at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre. This self-help toolkit empowers prisoners’ and their families resolve issues surrounding lost, damaged and stolen property in prison and property retained or damaged by the police.

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