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Prisoner Property Project toolkit is a success in the local community

The Prisoner Property Project toolkit was developed by nine undergraduate students at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre. This self-help toolkit empowers prisoners’ and their families resolve issues surrounding lost, damaged and stolen property in prison and property retained or damaged by the police.

Front cover of the How to reclaim lost property from a prison or police station with the Queen Mary School of Law logo and the LAC logo

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre Prisoner Property Project usually visits prisons to work with Peer Adviser Prisoners discussing the issue of property rights (in the prison system and the police station). Student Advisers usually provide 1-2-1 legal advice to prisoners with specific queries.

Given the Covid-19 restrictions, the project was adapted in 2019-20 to create a toolkit. Nine undergraduate law students worked under the supervision of qualified solicitors. The students collaborated with the Queen Mary Design and Branding team to create the final toolkit.
The toolkit is designed to be simple, easy to use and for those who may not have English as their first language. It contains information relating to property rights as well as example forms that may need to be completed in a claim. Scenarios and examples are used to help guide users through the information and area. It is also hoped that the book will assist family members or friends, of prisoners as well as ex-offenders. View the guide on 'How to reclaim lost property from a prison or police station [PDF 1,004KB]'.

Hard copies have been produced and sent to a number of prisons. If you or your organisation would like a hard copy resource, please get in touch at

Prisoners’ Advice Service, and independent legal charity that provides information and representation to prisoners, said: “It is clear, accessible, accurate and I am sure it will be exceedingly helpful to prisoners wishing to obtain their property back […]complaints about prisoners’ property is easily one of the most regular issues we deal with”.

We are extremely proud of this toolkit and thank the students, supervisors and designers who were involved in this successful project.



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