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Legal Advice Centre


Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre has three main strands of activity:

We run a number of collaborative projects alongside our legal advice clinic. These projects aim to provide greater support to individuals and organisations from within our local communities who often face real difficulties getting access to the legal advice or representation they need.

Below are a few examples of our current projects:

I am a lawyer and would like to help?

The work of the Clinic is supported by volunteer lawyers from a range of firms or lawyers who volunteer as individuals. Volunteer supervisors are vital to the work of the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre, as they offer us their expertise knowledge, and help guide and teach our students to understand the law and its application in a more practical context. This means that the client is guided to the best option.

As a community organisation, how can I get involved with your clinic?

We are always looking for ways to support our local community further - whether that is through the provision of free legal advice or providing research support to assist in raising awareness about access to justice issues.

Get in touch

If you are interested in working with us, get in touch with the Team at

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