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Legal Advice Centre

Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre values

Promoting integrity

  • Value our environment and 'place'
  • Champion professional legal ethics
  • Demonstrating honesty

Enabling social justice

  • Drive impactful work
  • Strive for equality in communities
  • Promote public interest in lawyering

Engaging local community

  • Ensure local presence
  • Promote public legal literacy
  • Fulfil community need

Leading in clinical legal education

  • Encourage peer to peer learning
  • Develop life-long learners
  • Empower student cocreation

Pursuing excellence

  • Embed reflective practice
  • Ensuring value by measuring impact
  • Follow the pro bono protocol

Championing equality and diversity

  • Recognise unconscious bias
  • Empower marginalised communities
  • Respect and value difference
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